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  • Weekly News Roundup 27/03/22

    Weekly News Roundup 27/03/220

    Global Cyber Attacks Increasing Cyber attacks are seemingly occurring all the time in our modern world. Israel’s government websites were targeted recently and attacks from China are up this week against NATO countries. Britain has developed its own National Cyber Security Centre just a few years ago to counteract such attacks, however no country is

  • Weekly News Roundup 20/3/22

    Weekly News Roundup 20/3/220

    Supply Chain Issues The war in Europe is having a knock-on effect to the rest of the world when it comes to supply chains. What most people don’t realise is that Russia doesn’t just supply the world with its oil reserves, it also feeds the world with 17% of global wheat exports. Sunflower oil too

  • Top 5 Bushcraft Shows In The UK | 2022

    Top 5 Bushcraft Shows In The UK | 20220

    Life as a prepper can be a little lonely but prepper events offer a unique opportunity to meet in person with like-minded souls and develop relationships and friendships with those who understand your way of life. Prepper events and bushcraft shows also allow you to learn new and vital skills from basics such as fire

  • How To Stay Cool In Warm Weather

    How To Stay Cool In Warm Weather0

    Britain isn’t known for its hot weather, even in summer, however us Brits know that the sun can shine here when it wants to, and it can get pretty hot, reaching 38 degrees in the past couple of years. While warm weather is a pleasure, and a stunning tan is desirable, it is vital to

  • How To Deal With Major Medical Emergencies

    How To Deal With Major Medical Emergencies0

    As a UK prepper it is important to know how to deal with major medical emergencies whether you’re bugging in or out. Should you or someone else in your party have an accident or suffer from a medical condition that could have serious consequences, it will give you a peace of mind knowing you’re equipped

  • Top 18 Bug In Mistakes To Avoid

    Top 18 Bug In Mistakes To Avoid0

    During a SHTF crisis there is always a well-intentioned prepper who will make bug in mistakes. Some of those are silly and can be overlooked, but some can be downright dangerous and endanger you or your loved ones. To bug in successfully is to stay indoors to protect your family, the home, and your supplies