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  • Why Preppers Should Buy A 2G Phone

    Why Preppers Should Buy A 2G Phone0

    Ensuring you can stay in communication with others is an important part of survival. However, preppers will be aware of how this could lead to dangers as well. With this in mind, it would be advisable to look at buying a 2G phone, also known as a dumbphone, to use instead of the more recent

  • Do Preppers Need A Satellite Phone?

    Do Preppers Need A Satellite Phone?0

    Satellite phones have evolved into small devices almost the same size as a regular mobile phone, but offer so much more in terms of usability in a survival setting. Preppers would be worthwhile researching now to find the best satellite GPS for them, and this article will help you do that by looking at the

  • Why Preppers Need A Wind-Up Radio

    Why Preppers Need A Wind-Up Radio0

    Wind-up radios are the kind of device that every survival savvy prepper should have whether you plan to bug out or bug in. They can be used in a range of emergency situations, from a power outage to something far more serious. This is because the power is generated for them manually, which means you