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  • How To Deal With Major Medical Emergencies

    How To Deal With Major Medical Emergencies0

    As a UK prepper it is important to know how to deal with major medical emergencies whether you’re bugging in or out. Should you or someone else in your party have an accident or suffer from a medical condition that could have serious consequences, it will give you a peace of mind knowing you’re equipped

  • How to Treat Hypothermia

    How to Treat Hypothermia0

    If you’re bugging out, you will be far more exposed to the elements than would normally be the case. Although the UK climate isn’t extreme, it’s still possible to become very ill if you’re not properly protected from the weather. Hypothermia is one of the risks of bugging out, and it’s something that can catch

  • How To Create A Splint For Broken Bones

    How To Create A Splint For Broken Bones0

    Having a supply of plasters in your first aid kit can be helpful for annoying cuts and grazes, but there are times when someone in your party may incur a more serious injury. Bugging out can involve traversing some difficult terrain, and there is always the risk of getting hurt. A first aid supply kit