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  • 55 Survival Uses For Paracord

    55 Survival Uses For Paracord0

    Paracord is a general-purpose rope type material that can be used for a variety of tasks. Although the types of paracord vary, they are all very strong and durable, and even used by the military for a range of tasks. In this article we look at over 50 different ways in which preppers can make

  • 120 Survival Uses For Duct Tape

    120 Survival Uses For Duct Tape0

    In a SHTF scenario, you need to make do with what you can when supermarkets have closed and B&Q has already been raided. That can include making a shelter out of components you wouldn’t usually think of or wearing things the general population wouldn’t consider clothing. One item that is extremely useful in both a

  • 65 Survival Uses For Tarpaulin

    65 Survival Uses For Tarpaulin0

    When you’re in a disaster scenario, you have to make compromises, and use what you can. In short, preppers need to find more advantages in fewer things. Whether that’s eating smaller meals, wearing the same clothes repeatedly or breaking normal-world rules like re-using plastic water bottles, it’s important to think creatively. That includes the things

  • 9 Survival Uses For Feathers

    9 Survival Uses For Feathers0

    When the SHTF, your survival depends on your ability to use what’s around you. Factories aren’t manufacturing goods anymore, shops have limited stock if any at all, so you’re truly on your own and scavenging items to use will become a part of daily life.