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  • How To Stay Cool In Warm Weather

    How To Stay Cool In Warm Weather0

    Britain isn’t known for its hot weather, even in summer, however us Brits know that the sun can shine here when it wants to, and it can get pretty hot, reaching 38 degrees in the past couple of years. While warm weather is a pleasure, and a stunning tan is desirable, it is vital to

  • Best Ways To Stay Warm In Cold Weather

    Best Ways To Stay Warm In Cold Weather0

    It’s very easy to underestimate the British weather because there aren’t the climatic extremes such as blizzards and twisters. However, it only takes a small drop in the temperature for the body to start cooling, and that can eventually lead to hypothermia. Many people die every year during the summer months due to exposure to

  • Predicting The Weather Through Animals

    Predicting The Weather Through Animals0

    You might have heard of the Groundhog Day tradition in the US which has been observed since the late 19th century, using underground animals to predict the weather, or more accurately the season length.  For anyone not familiar with US history, on 2nd February the groundhog exits its burrow in Pennsylvania and the appearance of