News Roundup 13/3/22

News Roundup 13/3/22

Inflation Rises

Prices of everyday goods are set to rise again this month, after already seeing a 1.8% rise in February. Poor global harvests have driven the price of fresh goods up the most, however inflation from non-food products too hit 1.3% – the highest since 2011. This, coupled with the energy rates going up in April, means that UK households will be much worse off in just a few months time, with wages not rising in line with inflation.

Prepper POV: We’ve always known that high inflation was coming at some point, so stock up on food stuffs this month, especially cheap tins of food, flour and rice. Check out these articles to see what you can do to store food in the long-term and grow your own

War In Europe

The war in Ukraine is into its second week now, with Russia making advanced on the cities of Kharkiv and Mariupol, leaving devastating consequences in its wake. The areas have experienced heavy shelling, destroying many of the buildings in the centre of the towns. Dozens of casualties have been reported, including many civilians sadly, and as the forces move closer to Kyiv we can expect the death toll on both sides to increase. Putin has also put his nuclear armoury on standby.

Prepper POV: The war is mainly centred in Eastern Europe just now, but with EU countries offering to send arms to Ukraine and involve themselves indirectly, they too could face Putin’s nuclear wrath. Get prepared for the worst, and know everything there is to know about nuclear war.

COVID Pandemic

Thankfully since the world has been distracted by a new and more imminent threat the pandemic has waned somewhat. No longer are we getting daily updates on deaths, everyone who wanted to have a vaccine has had one by now, and figureheads like Fauci and Witty have quietly slinked away. Masks here in the UK are pretty much non-existent for the most part since restrictions were lifted, and people seem to be ‘over it’. News of a new strain BA.2 hasn’t phased most people.

Prepper POV: While this current pandemic is still technically going, it is no longer in the public conscience. We should be thankful that this wasn’t a very deadly virus, but the next one might just be around the corner, so we should learn lessons from it and apply it to our preps, even if it means just stocking up on toilet paper!

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