News Roundup 20/3/22

News Roundup 20/3/22

Supply Chain Issues

The war in Europe is having a knock-on effect to the rest of the world when it comes to supply chains. What most people don’t realise is that Russia doesn’t just supply the world with its oil reserves, it also feeds the world with 17% of global wheat exports. Sunflower oil too stems from this region of the world, and Ukraine is the world’s largest producer of it by far. A lot of the metals that are used in car production also come from Ukraine which has not impacted manufacturers yet but is set to in the coming months.

Prepper POV: Food supply chains in our modern world are fragile. Countries have become interdependent of each other which works well when everything is going fine, but even the slightest distuption can cause chaos. Delink yourself from this chain as much as you can and grow your own food and raise your own animals so you are not so reliant on ‘the system’. 

Interest Rates Raised

The Bank of England is responding to the probably 10% inflation the UK is expected to see this coming year by taking action and raising the interest rate an extra 0.25 points so it now sits at 0.75%. This will have an effect on the living standards of Brits, with food prices set to jump. It’s not just the UK who are facing higher interest rates, and the Federal Reserve is also expected to hike percentage points across the pond too, having a ripple effect around the world.

Prepper POV: Interest rates and inflation have always been a problem for the general public, as it means that their money is worth less and eventually will become worthless as it is only fiat currency. Why not invest some of this paper money instead in tangible assets like silver and gold to hedge against rampant inflation?

War In Europe

The military operation in Ukraine is continuing full-force, with reports of residential areas, hospitals and places sheltering civilians coming under attack from Putin’s forces. It was claimed this week that Russia has been employing cruise and hypersonic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads at Ukraine, confirmed by the Russian ministry of defence. Mariupol and Kharkiv have been hit particularly hard this week as Russia closes in on Kiev.

Prepper POV: The war in Ukraine has shown us that war can break out at any time in any place should the right set of conditions be met. Our main concern now is our own countries being sucked into this war by proxy, so ensure you have a good supply of food and water to hand should you need to stay in your home for extended periods. 

Fuel Price Increases

Anyone who drives a vehicle in the UK has this week felt the effects of a hike at the pumps, with both petrol and diesel prices shooting up. The average price of fuel has been blamed on the war in Ukraine, and economists are unsure as to how long these extraordinarily inflated prices will continue. One motorist was even spotted filling up their car with vegetable oil to counteract the price rises, but the UK doesn’t have the infrastructure to roll out electric vehicles for all.

Prepper POV: Fuel is one of the main things that keep a country’s infrastructure running. From people getting to work and deliveries being made to shops across the nation. Companies don’t absorb those fuel prices, they pass it on to us, making everything cost more. Learn how to store your own fuel and siphon it if you need to. 

P&O Sackings

800 people lost their jobs this week with large ferry company P&O issuing a callous video call reporting the fact. Protests have been taking place around the UK, especially at the southern ports where P&O does most of its business, calling for a boycott of the company, who have replaced British workers with low-paid European labour. Many staff on some ferries refused to leave, upset after giving a large part of their lives to the company, only to be cut loose overnight.

Prepper POV: Job cuts can happen at any time, and as we’ve seen, can happen very quickly – especially during some sort of SHTF event. Don’t rely on your paychecks month to month to live, learn to put a little aside each month so you can stay out of debt and store food should you fall on hard times. 


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