News Roundup 27/03/22

News Roundup 27/03/22

Global Cyber Attacks Increasing

Cyber attacks are seemingly occurring all the time in our modern world. Israel’s government websites were targeted recently and attacks from China are up this week against NATO countries. Britain has developed its own National Cyber Security Centre just a few years ago to counteract such attacks, however no country is completely invulnerable due to the interconnected nature of our world. Ukraine and Russia are not only fighting a physical war, but so far there have been many cyber attacks from one nation to the other in an attempt to destabilise.

Prepper POV: 30 years ago, this kind of menace wasn’t even an issue, it’s a truly new threat that is becoming more sophisticated, whether it’s a full-scale shutdown attack or simple DDoS attacks. Preppers should realise the world has become so dependent on tech and the internet that it could be pulled like a rug from under us at any minute, so ensure your bug out or bug in plan doesn’t rely on any kind of technology, as it will likely let you down.

Great Reset Digital IDs

Somehow in the midst of an invasion from one of the world’s superpowers, Ukrainian authorities have been able to successfully roll out the government app Diia. This is a digital folder assigned to each citizen where they can find jobs, add their digital documents, add their vaccination status for coronavirus, and receive war payments. This digital ID seems to be the first of its kind, and echoes the Great Reset objectives of connecting the physical with the digital in a fourth industrial revolution. The UK too is planning such a program of digital ID, carrying the torch from the Verify software which failed many years ago.

Prepper POV: While many preppers prepare for an event outside of their control, such as natural disaster or solar flare, there can be even more of a sinister threat created by humans themselves against their own populations. A digital ID seems like a great idea on the surface, but as we’ve seen from China where citizen’s access to money is tied to their social credit score, this can become dark and dystopian very quickly.

WW3 Tensions Building In Russia

Tensions are high in Eastern Europe right now, and Putin seems to be feeling more and more backed into a corner. He has NATO countries bordering his own now after they promised not to expand eastwards, and he would rather see Ukraine fall than be taken into NATO. With such proximity to NATO countries like Poland, and with the UK and USA making provocative decisions such as to send money and weapons to Ukraine, one Russian diplomat this week spoke out saying that nuclear would be an option should Russia face an existential threat. The USA is already making contingency plans for such an action. Let’s face it, Britain’s Trident nuclear program is no match against the might of Russian nuclear power. 

Prepper POV: At this stage I think preppers are already aware of the potential consequences of an all out nuclear war as outlined in this guide here. You should already have the correct food storage and equipment to be able to stay indoors for at least two to four weeks should an all-out nuclear war take place, where Britain receives a direct hit, and plenty of water too.

Food Shortages Predicted

Biden this week has warned of ‘real food shortages’. Although trying to tie this to what is happening in Russia, the reality is that this has been an issue for many months before that. Sure, Ukraine and Russia do produce a lot of wheat and other products, as well as the fertilisers that millions of farmers need, however there are lots of other factors at play. Inflation in particular is making farming difficult here in the UK, as well as the changes being made to red diesel laws coming into effect next month, and the price of it too going up to over £1.00 per litre in some places.

Prepper POV: Food security should be at the top of the list of UK preppers. We advise to stock up now on at least three month’s worth of food for your family. It’s not actually as much as you think it is, and you can buy huge packs of pasta from local supermarkets, and jars of pasta sauce with long expiry dates. Tins are also an excellent option to have in your store, and you can take advantage of the wide variety. What’s more, we’re just coming into growing season now so buy your seeds and get them germinating.

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