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Self Defence Tips For Women Preppers

Self Defence Tips For Women Preppers

In the UK today, there is a real fear among the streets for women with multiple reports each month of women being attacked when out walking alone or even in their own homes, especially in big towns and cities. In a survival setting when law and order has broken down and gangs roam the streets,

In the UK today, there is a real fear among the streets for women with multiple reports each month of women being attacked when out walking alone or even in their own homes, especially in big towns and cities.

In a survival setting when law and order has broken down and gangs roam the streets, this threat would be even greater, so a good knowledge of self-defence for women, however basic, is strongly encouraged.

This article will explore the ways that women can use self-defence by using their own physical attributes to help, which weapons can be legally owned and used, and 10 top self-defence moves every woman should know.


When being attacked, it is important for female preppers to know that a shorter height can most definitely be used to their advantage.

Self-defence tips for women suggest that in certain circumstances it is important to get lower than the attacker to escape, using the petite feminine characteristics to get the upper hand.

When the attacker is taller, self defence for women usually involves moving quickly, lower than the attacker’s shoulders and at an angle to evade attacks.

Further to this, when walking around in areas you’ll likely encounter other people you can use your height to promote confidence. Even if you are not tall, ensuring that you walk tall makes people believe that you are confident and so may prove a more challenging victim for an attacker.

We don’t recommend wearing specific footwear to make you taller, as high heels, wedges or even shoe implants are going to hinder your ability to firstly attack and then escape. When you’re out walking wear something comfortable like a soft shell walking boot to run in and that won’t hurt you if you have to kick out. 


As women typically weigh less than men, this can prove a challenge in times when women preppers in the UK need to use self-defence.

However, it is possible to use the attacker’s weight against them, a strategy common in man on man fights as larger people are typically slower and can be outmanoeuvred more easily.

Men might see smaller more petite women as an easy target to steal items from in a survival situation, or worse, so it’s to your advantage to seem as inhospitable as possible.

What Self-Defence Weapons Are Best For Women?

woman holding a stick for defence

In Britain, there are rules and regulations on weapons. It is important for preppers to equip themselves with this knowledge before acquiring one. In reality, the only full legal item that can be used for self-defence by women, sadly, is a very loud 140dB rape alarm that can be used to call people to help.

However, other items can be used resourcefully to help protect you. These include things such as a whistle, GPS tracker, and even your own keys. There are also specially created devices for female self-defence such as a Kubotan to give someone a good whack or a Defender Ring X which will certainly make someone think twice before coming near you again.

If you are in a survival situation however, then the rules don’t really apply, so it’s best to use something you’re comfortable with. For women, this could be something light and manouverable, for example a pistol crossbow or a pocket knife, or if you are bugging out, a large thick stick. 

Please note that carrying certain types of weapon on you is illegal, so currently other items such as a swiss knife, baton, or pepper spray, could result in an arrest if searched by police.

Yet, this would not be an issue in a survival setting so get tooled up the best you can with whatever you feel comfortable using. It is important to utilize vulnerable areas on your attacker’s body to maximise the impact of your actions. This means focusing attacks on the throat, eyes, nose, and groin. A good alternative to a pepper spray is a criminal identifier spray which stains an attacker for days. 

10 Close Combat Moves Every Female Prepper Should Know

woman elbowing man in face

A way in which a woman can fully prepare themselves for attackers is by learning some self-defence combat moves. Here are some listed below that can be applied in a range of circumstances, no matter if the attacker is taller or heavier than you.

1. Hammer Strike

For this, grab your keys and hold the keyring part inside your fist. Make sure you have a tight grip, like holding a hammer, and allow the keys to stick out from the side of your hand.

Then, with your feet apart and weight on the back foot, raise your arm and then thrust at your target in a downward motion.

This move can also be used if the keys are attached to a lanyard and would result in a swinging motion.

2. Groin Kick

This can be used for occasions when the attacker is moving towards you. In this circumstance, ensure that you are standing in a stable position, with your feet apart on the ground and knees bent.

As the attacker approaches, bring up your dominant leg to kick with force, aiming to hit the groin area with your lower shin or the ball of your foot.

If the attacker is too close for this, then you can attack with your knee instead, ensuring you make sure you are well balanced so as to not fall over.

3. Heel Palm Strike

Again, as the attacker approaches, bring up your dominant hand and thrust this towards their throat, keeping your fingers back so that your palm makes contact.

Then, bring back your hand quickly. Doing so will add to the impact and push the head of your attacker up and back.

After this, they will stagger back which will give you time to get away.

5. Elbow Strike

Keeping a strong core is key to this move having maximum impact. With this in mind, standing with your legs apart and core engaged, bend your elbow, and strike your attacker with it while moving your weight forward.

Aim for the neck, chin/jaw, or side of the head.

5. Elbow Strike Front Alternative

This variation involves you lifting your elbow up to shoulder height instead. From here, turn clockwise in from the direction your elbow is pointing, giving maximum impact.

6. Elbow Strike Back or Side Alternative

The second variation involves you bringing your elbow up to your shoulder again and turning in the opposite direction, so that the back of your elbow hits your attacker.

7. Escaping From ‘Bear Hug Attack’

The ‘bear hug attack’ is when the attacker has a hold of you from behind. When this happens, it is important to get yourself low to the ground to help you escape.

To do this, begin by bending forward. This helps to shift your weight and puts you in a position where you can use your elbows to attack and your legs for strength to push away. 

With your elbows ready to do this, turn to face your attacker, leading with an elbow as a form of counterattack.

Once you have managed to turn around to face them fully, attack again aiming for either their face or groin, depending on which is easier. Doing so will result in them moving and giving you space to escape.

8. Escaping When Hands Are Trapped

To start, move your hips to the side and then move one arm down to attack the groin.

Next, bring your hand back up and then raise the elbow on the opposite arm.

From here, use your hand to grab the attacker’s arm and pull yourself into and then under it. When doing this, try to keep your arms as close to your chest as possible.

This will allow you to get away and use any counterattacks as necessary.

9. Escaping From Side Headlock

This is when the attacker has their arms around your head. The priority here is to avoid being choked. To do this, turn into the attacker as this will prevent too much pressure around your head or neck area.

Then, strike the attacker’s groin area by slapping until you are released.

10. Stopping An Outside Strike

Stemming from Krav Maga, this move van be used to protect you from any strikes as the attacker moves towards you.

As they do so, bring your open hand out and elbow slightly bent, and walk towards the attacker with this arm at the side that they are trying to attack with. At the same time, raise your other arm and make a fist to punch them in a vulnerable spot, such as their throat.



By utilizing these steps, and practising them in order to gain confidence, women will be able to ensure that they are fully equipped to enter a survival world setting, and so will be fundamental to that of someone with a preppers mindset.

As with everything survival and prepper related, practice makes perfect, so to find your nearest class just search ‘women’s self-defence classes near me’ and you should get a decent amount of group classes or one-to-one lessons in your area wherever in the UK you live.

For more information and some videos dedicated to women’s self defence, check out this YouTube channel


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