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When all hell is breaking out around you, the supermarkets have stopped operating as normal and the rule of law has broken down, then you may feel safe enough from your prepping efforts to be safely bugged into your house.

If you have all of your supplies stocked in your property, it can be easy to think that’s all you need, however if you have gone to the effort of preparing properly when others haven’t, it’s likely you could become a target for your neighbours.

As the saying goes, an Englishman’s home is his castle. That saying may turn out to be more true than ever intended, as at a future point our homes might be our sole refuge, but we may have to defend them, the people and supplies inside with everything we have.

emergency checklist supplies bugging in survival

Bugging in is perhaps the best way to weather whatever storm comes your way, with solid walls, a roof, and possibly even a garden to grow food, but you also need to be ready for a range of circumstances.

What if a natural disaster such as fire or flood comes to your front door, or there are riots in your neighbourhood by frantic people looking for food, or there are door to door checks by military forces under martial law – what will you do then?

It’s always best to have multiple plans for bugging in, and you may first have to bug out to somewhere remote where you can bug in for the long haul. Being ready for that moment will set you apart from those who have no plans, who have not foreseen disaster approaching and who have not adequately prepared themselves for a SHTF situation.

food box for bugging in survival prepper

Bugging in involves more than just having crates of water and tins in the loft or basement, you have to think about everything from alternative fuel to home defence in order to survive there in the long-term.

In this section we’ll discuss everything related to bugging in such as the best places to hide your supplies within the home, the types of prepper to avoid who can compromise your own plans, and the top mistakes to avoid when bugging in.

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