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A skill adapted from nature, camouflaging yourself is something you should consider in your prepping and survival skill training. Animals of all kinds, both predator and prey, have been designed to camouflage themselves against their background to provide them with a substantial advantage.

Moths will often look like the bark on trees, caterpillars blend seamlessly into leaves and twigs, and animals such as frogs, chameleons and octopuses are masters in the realm of self-disguise in order to be more successful in hunting.

camouflaged frog for survival

The armed forces recognises the usefulness of camouflage, and ensures that soldiers have the right kind of clothing and training to remain hidden from the enemy in a variety of terrains.

Snipers in particular need to stay out of sight, and there are many lessons we can learn from being camouflaged that can help our own hunting skills and evasion tactics.

When it comes to survival and staying concealed, we can look at the way the armed forces train to get a better understanding, and while clothes do play a major part of staying hidden, there is more to the skill of camouflage for survival than you’d imagine.

Face paints and full ghillie suits decked with leaves, twigs and mud are a great start, but once you start to think in the mindset of staying hidden in whatever you do, from lighting fires to hunting, your overall survival experience becomes much more successful as you blend into the background

man ghilie suit army camouflage prepper

Learning how to slip through a crowd undetected is another skill if you are attempting to bug out while mass civil unrest is taking place.

You may at times not only need to camouflage yourself and your group, but set up your camp in a place that is well concealed, hide your prepper food and water supplies, and even your vehicles may need to be disguised in such a way that nobody would recognise them from a distance.

Here we will be posting articles related specifically to camouflaging for survival and how you can learn to prepare yourself and your group for the tactics needed to stay hidden in a world where you don’t want to be found.

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