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If there’s one skill that’s worth its weight in gold in a survival situation it has to be how to effectively deliver first aid.

You don’t have to know as much as a nurse or paramedic, but being able to take care of the most common injuries will stand any prepper in good stead and deal with nearly anything that comes your way.

This is especially true if you’ve been involved in one of the many SHTF situations such as a nuclear strike, a biological or chemical attack, or been hurt in mass rioting and civil unrest.

woman wrapping bandage on man

There’s nothing worse than someone suffering and you’re simply not able to do anything for them, especially when it’s a member of your own family, so being prepared to take care of them when they have an accident or fall ill will give both you and them a sound reassurance.

In a survival situation when hospitals, chemists and GPs are unavailable, you only have yourself to rely on, and that starts with reading up on what to do in emergencies, but also having the correct medical equipment on hand.

While the basics such as plasters and bandages are included in ready made prepper first aid kits you can buy off the shelf, there may be times you need something more to deal with unexpected illnesses or an accident.

You should know the basics of survival first aid, and pay special attention to other issues such as how to deal with infection, sprained ankles, how to treat minor illnesses such as coughs. colds and dental pain – all of which will inevitably be a part of life if you are living outside for extended periods.

man first aid kit forest survival prepper

You should also be able to recognise the signs of illness and disease, and take active steps to prevent it getting worse.

Learn how to stock up on the correct pills and medications such as painkillers and oral antibiotics, and think in advance if you or your family has any specific medical needs such as diabetes that you need to prepare for.

Take a look below at some useful articles that address survival first aid, and how you can prepare ahead of time to handle a wide range of diseases and illnesses.

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