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From the vast saltwater seas and oceans to freshwater lakes and rivers, fish are truly abundant in the UK, and an excellent source of survival food as they are packed with protein and healthy oils.

Fishing is already a hobby for many thousands of people in the UK, and they enjoy nothing more than sitting for hours by the waterside with their rods waiting for that bite, however for millions more around the world it is a daily way of life and necessary for survival.

prepper man fishing survival river

As a prepper hoping to have a chance to survive what’s coming down the line, fishing is an important skill for survival to have in your repertoire. There are a wide range of fish to be caught from the many rivers that run throughout the UK including salmon, perch and carp.

Don’t forget that there is also more than 7,500 miles of coastline our island nation offers fishermen where you can catch tasty species such as cod, plaice and sole either from the beach or by boat.

You don’t have to be an expert fisherman to be able to catch fish, it’s simply a matter of using the right kind of equipment combined with a little knowhow on where to fish, and of course a great deal of patience. The best thing about survival fishing is that you only need a basic kit to prosper, and there are a variety of methods you can use to catch a wealth of fish no matter where you live in the UK.

man holding brown trout survival fishing

As food becomes scarce during a SHTF situation, having the right gear and rudimentary knowledge on how to use it will give you a major survival advantage. One fishing trip to a stream, lake or beach lasting a few hours can provide you and your family with enough food for a few days. It is a low energy skill where the prepper can set traps or hook up multiple rods, and simply wait for the fish to come to them.

Below you will find articles related to fishing for survival, such as what fish you can find in the UK, the different styles of fishing, and the gear you need to fish successfully.

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