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One of the key aspects of prepping is ensuring that you have stored enough food to last you and your family for the foreseeable future, either in the short term or the long term. Food provides the necessary fuel for our bodies, and allows us to operate at maximum efficiency both physically and mentally which is imperative in a SHTF survival situation.

The human body can actually last a long time without eating properly, up to two months in some cases, however after just a few days of not eating your body starts to behave differently, and can begin to cause you significant health issues.

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Many people will start to feel hangry even after just missing a couple of meals, and in a survival situation discord among the group is the last thing you want when you need a clear head on your shoulders.

If you are planning on bugging in until the crisis passes, then like many preppers you should have a large store of food supplies covering everything from pasta and rice to tinned foods, nuts, grains and seeds.

If you will be bugging out, then you should still have a large quantity of survival food in stock, so you can pick and choose what you need to take with you if you can’t carry your full food supply.

A large part of prepping involves storing food properly so that when supermarkets and other food stores are closed or running low on supplies, you won’t be as reliant on them as everyone else will be. This gives you a greater degree of freedom and autonomy from the government should food become rationed and regulated in response to a SHTF situation.

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There are many ways you can store food for survival, and lots of items already come in cans or jars that will last a couple of years at least, however there are other methods you can use to preserve your food stuffs such as freeze drying, freezing, dehydrating, vacuum packing and pickling.

Below you will find all kinds of useful articles related to food storage and preparation, such as what kinds of food store best for a long time and how to prepare your hunted animals for cooking.

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