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When food becomes scarce during a SHTF situation, it’s vitally important to understand how to survival forage for food that grows naturally in the UK. Unfortunately, we aren’t blessed with lots of tasty tropical fruits that hang from the trees all year round. Instead, we need to know how to forage effectively across all seasons and where to find the best wild produce.

Whether you’re searching for mushrooms on the forest floor, ripe wild berries hidden in bushes, or looking for edible plant leaves, armed with the knowledge of foraging for survival you will be able to find a wealth of foodstuffs to survive from.

woman survival foraging mushroom from ground

You can eat most foraged foods when raw, but there are also a lot of delicious cooking recipes to choose from to get the most out of your gathered survival foods which we’ll be discussing in this section.

For centuries people around the world have foraged as a daily survival activity to find fungi, fruit, berries, nuts, seeds, herbs and leaves in the local area.

Much of the knowledge has been lost here in the UK due to the creation of supermarkets with pre-grown and pre-packaged foods, however in the fields, hedgerows and woodlands of Great Britain there is still an abundance of wild foods to be found for the determined prepper.

picking blackberries foraging wild

Even today it’s not uncommon to see people rummaging around in blackberry bushes in the British summertime because there is such an abundance everywhere you look. Foraged foods may not always be able to supply us with a rich and varied diet in the way that we’re used to, but each wild berry or fruit has it’s own benefits, packed with the essential vitamins and minerals we need to survive, as well as numerous healing advantages.

Here you’ll find articles on how to forage for survival successfully in the UK, how to identify healthy wild food items from poisonous ones, and in which seasons you can find specific fruits, nuts and berries.

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