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Whether it’s getting from your home or office to your bug out location via multiple routes successfully, or finding your way to a new location travelling cross-country on foot, navigation is a key skill that every survivalist and prepper should take the time to learn.

Navigation for survival is highly important, and is a skill that has been used for thousands of years before maps and global satellite positioning systems were invented.

man reading a map for navigation

There are so many real life stories of people dying in hot deserts, frozen tundras, expansive forests or at sea, simply because they did not know how to navigate correctly and get their bearings. Had they been able to do so, their chances of survival would have been much higher.

In a survival situation preppers need to be able to keep a clear head and fall back on their knowledge of navigation to guide themselves and their loved ones in the right direction towards safety. Taking the time to prepare yourself in these better times will serve you well should you need to find your way from A to B when it counts the most.

Survival navigation is not all about GPS, maps and compasses, although these are some of the most important modern physical tools for navigation, but when you learn to read natural clues such as the position of the sun, moon and stars, then you will be able to find your path any time of the day or night.

sundial stick tell time survival situation

Being able to unleash the inner Boy Scout or Girl Guide when you need it most is an excellent skill for any prepper to have, and by learning a variety of methods instead of just the traditional ones, you will have a much greater chance of ending up where you intended instead of lost, disoriented and panicked.

Below we will discuss everything related to navigating for use in survival situations including how to navigate the urban environment when all hell is breaking loose, when are the best times to move to a new location, and how to navigate with no GPS or other specially designed navigational tools.

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