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Fuel is what keeps our homes and vehicles, our devices and equipment running. Whether it’s electricity, gas, wood or coal, fuel sources play a huge role in our everyday lives and that’s no different when it comes to its uses in a survival situation.

If you’re bugging in at home, there are questions you need to ask yourself such as how will you boil water and cook food, or how are you going to heat the property you live in. The same questions are true for bug out situations, but become more complex if you have to find your own fuel sources on a daily basis for survival. This can include chopping wood for fires, charging your devices or staying warm in winter.

prepper man camping solar power energy

There are many new and innovative technologies now available that preppers can use to keep their survival situation running smoothly, even after traditional fuel sources such as gas and petrol are no longer readily available.

There is solar power which uses the power of the sun to heat water or to generate electricity, wind power in the form of turbines, or you can learn to set up a hydroelectric system from nearby running water.

Whichever methods you choose, it would be wise to set them up now, before a crisis, so that you know how to live off the grid should the worst happen.

man pulling generator for camping power survival

There are a range of different models for different purposes and budgets when it comes to alternative fuel sources for survival, and in this section we’ll be discussing the most common ones to keep the lights on during SHTF.

We will address questions such as whether or not you should invest in a generator, and if so which type. We will also examine how to store fuel long term, and how to you make your own electricity when you’re no longer able to connect to the grid.

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