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Humans have been using tools for thousands of years to undertake a wide range of tasks, from carving huge blocks of stone to build pyramids, sawing down thousands of trees to create houses and huge ships, and in our modern age to build metal machines of all types.

Knowing that there are a wide range of tools at your disposal in a survival situation can work to your advantage especially when you need to do daily tasks such as cutting firewood with an axe and maul, or using the right kind of saw for wood as opposed to metal.

Every prepper and survivalist should be adept at using a variety of the most common tools, and with each tool there are certain skills you need in order to handle it properly and safely.

survival tools axe knife saw

Whether it’s a hammer, a wrench or a saw, using the tool in the right way will make your life a lot easier and improve the tool’s lifespan too. You should also begin to understand the different varieties of tools, such as the many styles of knives which serve different purposes from skinning and gutting to carving and defence. 

In a society where all pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs and beds are bought pre-made, the vast majority of people have lost touch with the skills needed to build things from scratch.

This leaves them at a major disadvantage in a SHTF survival situation, and they will be extremely limited in their usefulness when it comes to building items needed for their camp, or repairing essential broken items.

multitool survival prepper knife swiss army

Whether it’s woodworking, metal working, fixing cars, plumbing or electrical installations, you should aim to have at least a basic understanding of how these things work should you find yourself in less than favourable survival conditions.

What’s more, these specialist skills, trades and the knowledge of using tools can even be used in bartering situations.

Read the articles below to build your prepper and survival skills when it comes to using tools and the trades associated with them, learn what kind of tools you should have in your survival toolkit, and how to keep them in the best condition.

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