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Staying fit and healthy in your day to day life is an important aspect of being a prepper or survivalist. You need to have the physical strength to do a variety of tasks whether you’re bugging in or bugging out, such as carrying water or building things in your garden.

When it comes to bugging out,  life can be considerably more strenuous on your body. Not only will you have to accustom yourself to living in a place which isn’t your home or in the wilderness, but you’ll also have to take care of labour intensive tasks such as cutting firewood, walking long distances on hunting expeditions and carrying heavy rucksacks full of supplies across difficult terrains.

man keeping fit chopping firewood outside

For these reasons it’s important to maintain a good level of health and keep up with fitness regimes to enable you to be physically prepared for whatever comes your way.

Bad health or levels of unfitness are only going to hinder your survival preparations, so you don’t need to be of bodybuilder stature to be a prepper, but you should be fit enough to deal with a variety of tasks required of you in these situations.

The same is true when it comes to hygiene and looking after yourself. The last thing you want in a survival situation is to have some kind of preventable illness or disease just because you weren’t taking care of basic hygiene and sanitation at your location.

prepper maintaining hygiene washing face in stream

Making plans in advance to assure you and your group is prepared for this will stand you in good stead, as hygiene supplies such as toilet rolls will be the first to disappear in any major disaster as people intuitively understand the importance of something so basic.

Here we’ll look at articles related to health and hygiene in survival situations, including how to keep up good spirits and morale, how to disinfect items and the many ways you can live with a high level of hygiene even after a SHTF situation.

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