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  • Fishing Laws In The UK

    Fishing Laws In The UK0

    Despite the blissful simplicity of the activity itself, getting the required permits and following all the required laws for fishing is anything but when considering fishing laws in UK waters.  There’s a huge range of factors to consider, including the body of water you’re using, the types of fish you’re looking to catch, the equipment

  • What Fish Species Are There In The UK?

    What Fish Species Are There In The UK?0

    We all have fond memories of going to the coast with our grandparents, or heading to the river to get crayfish with your mates. Maybe a few beers, too. But when you’re against the end of the world, there’s no leisure to this – only survival. So, it’s essential you know what to do and

  • Differences Between River Fishing And Sea Fishing

    Differences Between River Fishing And Sea Fishing0

    Most of us have fond memories of heading down to the local stream or beach in the summer with some mates or your dad, casting a line or setting a trap to catch some crayfish or a plaice. But when SHTF, you’re going to need to know a lot more than this to get by.