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When SHTF it may be difficult to move around safely due to a number of reasons. The infrastructure of roads and motorways may be compromised due to natural disasters such as flooding, there may be roadblocks set up after martial law, or restrictions on travel may have been put in place to curb the spread of a pandemic.

It is in these situations that you need the kind of transport that will see you through the worst of times.

It’s common for preppers to not only consider their food, water and shelter preps, but also to create their own bug out vehicles to tackle anything that is thrown at them.

These heavy duty vehicles such as augmented Land Rovers and Jeeps are capable of going cross-country and allow you to take routes that are not accessible to regular vehicles, bringing a substantial advantage.

land rover defender bug out vehicle

This could take the form of large SUVs and pickup trucks, kitted out with everything you’d need to survive on the road for weeks at a time.

Extra fuel, comfortable sleeping pods, amateur radio setups, food and water supplies, showering facilities and so much more can be equipped to a vehicle these days to create your perfect bug out transport.

Other alternatives for survival transport include towed caravans filled with supplies, motorhomes that can be driven to remote locations and parked up, converted campervans complete with mini kitchens and foldable beds. Some people have even invested in all-terrain motorcycles and bicycles in case of emergency.

campervan vehicle SHTF for preppers

There are a host of transport questions to be answered when it comes to SHTF situations, and in this section we’ll be posting articles related specifically to survival modes of transport such as the best makes and models of bug out vehicle, and what kind of toolkits do you need to maintain survival vehicles.

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