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Here you will find privacy practices disclosed in this privacy statement for British Prepper regarding our website www.britishprepper.com.

British Prepper is collectively referred to by ”our”, ”us”, ”we”.

We consider your privacy to be an important criterion. Thus, this privacy policy intends to establish your confidence and full faith in the security and privacy of personal details or other information that we collect from you irrespective of whether you are just visiting the website, downloading information from it, or uploading information to it.

Obtaining Personal Details And Information

While using this website, you will be asked certain information which shall be the identifiable personal details of you, including your name, telephone contact number, email ID, and your home address. When you use this website, you might have to provide your financial details for purposes related to payment and billing. When you provide us with all your personal details and information, you give your consent to us for using the information in the way described and mentioned in this privacy policy.

Withdrawal of consent for using your information and personal details at any point of time and you just need to email us at this email address: [email protected], and your request will be processed by us within a period of 5 days of receipt of your consent withdrawal. We will also be recording your IP address, all cookie information, and your requested pages from your web browser, as described in the privacy policy.

Utilising Personal Details 

We may use your personal information for processing service requests, improving our online services, offering accessibility to safe locations of the website, enabling us to develop and review the services that we provide you, and personalising your visit to areas of the website. Besides this, we can also use these details to prevent and detect abuses and fraud on our website. This information helps us allow third parties to perform several logistical and technical tasks on our behalf. In case you no longer wish to receive all such details from third parties or British Prepper, then kindly email us at this address: [email protected].

Personal Information

Control of any personal information disclosure will be made in accordance with the present legislation of the UK in respect to the UK Data Protection Act of 1988. We hold certain details of personal information about you under the Data Protection Act 2018. Please write to us if you want a copy of the personal details.

We will provide your information to our agents, employees, and third parties to administer the services and accounts that British Prepper offers to you. Accessibility and usability of your information by the third parties will be made only for performing necessary functions /work on our behalf and will be relevant to reasons that are stated in the privacy policy and are not used for any other reasons.

We have to disclose your details to a specific authority if you breach our conditions, terms, or website terms. We also have to disclose it if we have to comply with legal requirements and obligations and need to share your personal information. This sharing of information can involve exchanging data with other organisations or companies to reduce credit risk and aim for fraud protection.

You give your agreement that we can disclose your personal details to others, say third parties, in events when we buy or sell assets/business. So, in that respect, we need to disclose your details to the prospective buyer or seller of those assets/businesses. This disclosure of personal details will comply and be controlled with Data Protection Acts – 1988 and 2003.

Security Of The Website

We maintain several procedural, electronic, and physical safeguards regarding storing, collecting and disclosing your personal details. We maintain some security procedures that signify that we can sometimes request evidence of identity before disclosing personal data to you. We don’t share details of our customers to any third party or store details related to credit cards.

Security Of Email

British Prepper prevents unauthorised access to your personal information wherever needed by setting specific security standards. However, the security of personal data and information carried through email and the internet cannot be guaranteed and is liable to corruption, loss, interception, and redirection by other people unless you encrypt it securely.

Cookie Policy

We can access as well as create cookies on your personal computer. Cookies are a piece of data that gets stored on your device and help us to identify and know whether you have previously visited the website. Cookies are basically identifiers that other servers can’t read to obtain personal data, nor can be used for delivering a virus or executing as code. This identifier is shared only between us, and this helps in bringing more improvements in our service that we can provide you using our website.

We stress the usage of cookies. By giving consent to cookies while using the website of British Prepper, you give consent to the British Prepper privacy policy. There are certain areas in our website where cookies are used to enhance the functionality and effectiveness of that areas so that the visitors can easily use them. Our advertising partners and affiliate partners also employ the use of cookies.

If you don’t want cookies to be present on your device, you can also disable them in your browser. You can opt to disable cookies in the security setting section of your browser. However, you need to note that disabling cookies permanently in your web browser may hamper your use of interactive services and websites, including our website.

Clicking on our website’s links will take you away from our website. We would request you to read the privacy statements of other websites since we don’t take responsibility for their site’s cookie policy or other privacy practices.

Opting Out 

If you use our website for purchases, you may occasionally get additional information about the newsletter, products, special deals, and other services. In case you don’t wish to receive a newsletter or promotional offers from our advertising partners then you can just opt out from receiving these promotional offers by writing to us and unsubscribing. You can also directly contact us for opting out. Note that when you click on our affiliate links to make a purchase, we do not retain any of your information such as email address, but the site you check out on might, and you should you wish to opt out from their promotional material you need to contact them directly.

Changes To The Policy 

If our website is updated will post if any changes occur in this privacy policy occur. It is suggested to regularly check and follow our website to get details about our recent privacy procedure.