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Having all of your physical supplies ready for SHTF is of high importance, after all you need food supplies, clean drinking water and other gear to survive such an event. However, that is only one side of preparedness, and you should be doing yourself a favour and equipping your mind, your soul and your spirit for any eventuality.

What would happen if your entire prepper stockpile was ruined or stolen? How would you cope should a member of your close family or a friend die in a SHTF situation? How could you stay grounded and focused should a mass casualty event such as a nuclear strike overtake the country, with a death toll in the millions and radioactive fallout dropping around you?

man holding hand up in prayer

Having faith to see you through tough times and placing your hope in something else other than just your own skills will help to mentally prepare you for anything that comes your way.

Many people will go about their daily lives completely ignoring the fact that there’s a higher power, however as soon as disaster strikes and confusion reigns, many people will start calling out to God to save them where previously they have shown little or no faith, as they instinctively know to hope for help from something greater than themselves.

The Bible is clear that calamity will come to planet earth one day, and whether it’s in the form of mass global famines, pandemics, world wars or extreme weather events, knowing your Creator allows you to rise above the physical situations you face and set your hopes on better things to come.

hands on a bible praying

Jesus has promised throughout scripture that whoever puts their trust in him will be saved, and even though the world around you is in a state of constant flux and change, that he will remain constant in the same way an anchor holds a boat in the storm as the wind and rain try to push it off course and capsize it.

Here we’ll be looking at topics related to mental preparedness and the Christian faith, such as what the Bible says about prepping, how to stay calm and collected when the SHTF, and how to live without fear and worry in these troubling times we face ahead.

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