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Certain rules and regulations are outlined in these terms and conditions for using the British Prepper website.

When you access our website, we presume that you fully accept all the terms and conditions. If you don’t want to accept any of the stated terms and conditions on our page, we would advise you not to continue using the British Prepper website.

Following are some terminologies that applies to the disclaimer notice, terms and conditions, and privacy statement:

  1. ‘Your,’ ‘client’ and ‘you’ refers to you or the person who access this website and also gives consent to the terms and conditions of the company
  2. ‘Us,’ ‘our,’ ‘we,’ ‘ourselves,’ ‘the company’ is referred to our company
  3. ‘Us,’ ‘parties,’ ‘party’ refers to ourselves and the customers. It is also referred to either ourselves or the customers

Terms relating to acceptance, offer, and consideration of payment is important to continue our service to customers in the correct manner irrespective of whether it is taking place through formal meeting or any other means. It meets the needs of customers in respect of the mentioned products or services of the company and is in accordance with the United Kingdom’s prevailing law. Using the above terminologies in capitalisation, plural or singular form, and they/he/she used interchangeably will mean the same.


We can access as well as create cookies on your personal computer. Cookies are a piece of data that gets stored on your device and help us to identify and know whether you have previously visited the website. Cookies are basically identifiers that other servers can’t read to obtain personal data, nor can be used for delivering a virus or executing as code. This identifier is shared only between us, and this helps in bringing more improvements in our service that we can provide you using our website.

We stress the usage of cookies. By giving consent to cookies while using the website of British Prepper, you give consent to the British Prepper privacy policy. There are specific areas in our website where cookies are used to enhance the functionality and effectiveness of that areas so that the visitors can easily use them. Our advertising partners and affiliate partners also employ the use of cookies.

If you don’t want cookies to be present on your device, you can also disable them in your browser. You can opt to disable cookies in the security setting section of your browser. However, you need to note that disabling cookies permanently in your web browser may hamper your use of interactive services and websites, including our website.

Clicking on our website links will take you away from our website. We would request you to read the privacy statements of other websites since we don’t take responsibility for their site’s cookie policy or other privacy practices.


The intellectual property rights for all details on British Prepper is owned by British Prepper or/and its licensors (unless otherwise mentioned). The intellectual property rights of British Prepper are also reserved. Viewing and printing pages from the website www.britishprepper.com for personal use can be done and is subjected to a few restrictions as mentioned in the terms and conditions.

You should not do the following

  1. Redistributing content stated in britishprepper.com
  2. Republishing content from britishprepper.com
  3. Copying, reproducing, or duplicating any content from britishprepper.com

All content on British Prepper is copyrighted. The British Prepper website pages are linked to Copyscape’s Copysentry software which conducts frequent checks for content plagiarism from the website’s written content elsewhere online, even if the material has been modified slightly. If material from the site is found to have been reproduced, republished, modified or copied elsewhere, Copysentry sends us an email and leads us to the website with the stolen content.

An electronic Cease & Desist letter will then be sent to the site owner, in addition to a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) infringement notice filed against the offending site with Google, who may opt to remove that page or the whole website from their search results. Failure to comply with the DMCA notice in a reasonable timeframe will result in legal action being taken. 

User Commenting

This site provides clients the scope for exchanging and posting their information, opinions, comments, and data. British Prepper does not do screening, publishing, editing, and reviewing such comments before they appear on the site. The user comments also don’t reflect the opinion or view of the British Prepper website and its affiliate or agents. A user’s opinion (who posts such comments) is reflected through comments. There is no liability or responsibility of British Prepper to a certain extent allowed by law for any loss, comments, cost, expense, liability, damage caused/suffered due to posting any comments on the website.

The right to monitor and remove user comments is reserved by British Prepper only. It has the right to remove any comment that seems offensive, inappropriate, or intends to breach the terms and conditions of the website.

You must represent as well as warrant that:

  1. You have the right to post your comment or opinion on this website and also have the required consent and license
  2. The comments don’t invade any privacy by containing anything indecent, libellous, defamatory, unlawful, and offensive
  3. Infringement of any intellectual property right is not occurring due to posting comments and may include trademark, copyright, patent, proprietary right of 3rd party without limitation.
  4. Comments do not promote any custom or business or solicit them. It should not be used for representing unlawful activity and commercial activity
  5. You permit British Prepper a royalty-free and non-exclusive right to edit, reproduce or use your comment and also authorises others to edit, use and reproduce your comment in any media form/format

Member Conduct On British Prepper Forum

You must agree to use this website for permissible purposes as stated by

  • The agreement
  • Applicable regulation, law, generally accepted guidelines, or other practices within the law jurisdiction

They include the following:

You need to agree on refraining from any inappropriate engagement of conduct while using this site. Conduct that seems inappropriate won’t be tolerated and can cause termination of privileges enjoyed by members. Inappropriate conduct is a behaviour that is not considered good to the online community and includes the following:

  1. Posting material that can be stated by us as vulgar, abusive, threatening, obscene, harassing, and sexually explicit.
  2. Posting anything that contains violence or nudity.
  3. Impersonation of an entity or any individual.
  4. Offering any website hyperlink that contains violence or nudity.
  5. Engagement in an activity that makes either interference or disruption with website.
  6. Solicit personal details from a minor (under 18 years of age).
  7. Promotion or solicitation or of criminal activities.
  8. Commercial solicitation or posting any advertisement without written authorisation in advance from the company.
  9. Transmission or posting of malicious software/computer virus.
  10. Posting content that contains false and defamatory information
  11. Transmission of email to the company or any member considered to be unsolicited.
  12. Posting material that promotes hatred of a particular sex, race, religion or ethnicity.
  13. Infringement of intellectual property rights of 3rd party such as patent, copyright, publicity, trademark, proprietary rights.

Hyperlinking To British Prepper

Following are the organisations that can link to our site without any written approval in advance.

  1. Search engines.
  2. Systemwide accredited business, but not any charity fundraising group or other soliciting non-profit business who can’t hyperlink to our site.
  3. Government agencies.
  4. News organisations.
  5. Online directory distributors.

These are some organisations who can hyperlink to our home page, website information, or publication so far as the link has the three elements:

1) Not misleading in any manner.

2) Relevant to the context of the party’s site.

3) Doesn’t imply false endorsement sponsorship of products/services of the linking party.

Following are the organisations from whom we can consider link requests:

  1. Trade association and educational institutions
  2. Internet portals
  3. Business or consumer information sources
  4. Online directory distributors
  5. .com community sites
  6. Consulting, law, and accountant firms
  7. Groups and associations presenting charities such as charity giving sites

Link requests will be approved from these companies on the following consideration. 

  1. There will be no unfavourable conditions on our business due to the link. For instance, organisations and trade association that reflects suspicious business activities like work-from-home options won’t be approved to link.
  2. There are no unsatisfactory grounds/records of the organisation with our website.
  3. The link is relevant to general resource information and shows consistency with newsletter editorial content.
  4. The advantage to us from the visibility related to the hyperlink should outweigh British Prepper’s absence. 

Linking to our page is allowed by these organisations on fulfilling the following condition of the link –

  1. It is not misleading in any way
  2. It doesn’t imply any false endorsement or sponsorship of the product or services relates to the linking party
  3. The link satisfies the context of the site of the linking party

If your organisation falls in the category that is listed in the second paragraph and if you want to link to our website then you have to send us a notification by mailing us at this address [email protected]. You need to mention your name, contact details, email address along with your company’s name. Apart from this, you need to include the URL of your site along with other URLs that you want to link to our site and a URL list on our website which you would want to link. A time period of four weeks is needed for a response. 

The organisations who got approval can link to our website in the following way. 

  1. Using our corporate name. 
  2. Using the web address or uniform resource locator that is linked to. 
  3. Using our website description being linked to 
  4. Artwork or logo is not allowed to link where a trademark license agreement is not present. 


You cannot make frames around our pages without seeking written permission or approval in advance. You must not use any other means that can alter our website appearance or visual presentation. 

Content Liability

We are not liable or responsible for any material or content that appears on your site. You have agreed to defend and indemnify us against all the claims that is based on your site or arise out of your website. Your webpage should not contain any link on your site or any other content that is described as either criminal or defamatory, or obscene and which violates or infringe the rights of any third party. 

Reservation of Rights

We reserve this right, and it lies in our discretion to pledge you to remove a specific link or all links together to our site. You must agree and remove either a particular link or all links immediately when such request is made. The right to amend such terms and conditions along with the linking policy at any time is reserved with us. When you continue linking to our website, you can abide by these terms and conditions related to linking. 

Removal Of Links from Our Website

If a linked website or any link on your site seems objectionable to you for any reason, then you can approach us. We will consider your requests for link removal, but there’ll be no obligation to remove the links or respond immediately to you. Although we ensure that all the details on this information are accurate, no warranty on the accuracy and completeness of the information can be given. We also can’t commit that the website, including all the contents on our website, is updated. 

Age Of Consent 

While using this site, you must have attained the majority age in your province or your state of residence. You must represent yourself that you belong to the age of majority in either your region or your state of residence. You need to give your consent of allowing any minor dependent to use or access this website.


All conditions, representation, and warranties related to our website, along with website use, are excluded by us to the greatest extent as permitted by law. It covers without limitation fitness for purpose, warranties relating satisfactory quality as implied by law, use of skill, and care. This disclaimer will not be:

  1. Limiting your as well as our liabilities in any manner that is not permissible as per applicable law.
  2. Excluding or limiting your as well as our liability in respect to personal injury or even death due to negligence.
  3. Excluding your as well as our liability which might not be excluded under law.
  4. Limiting or excluding your as well as our liability for any fraudulent activity or fraudulent misrepresentation.

The exclusion and drawbacks liability set in this disclaimer:

  1. Are subject to the previous paragraph.
  2. Governs all claims arising in respect to the disclaimer’s subject matter or under this disclaimer and includes liability that arises for breach, contract, or tort of statutory duties. 

To the level that the services and information on the website are offered at free cost, we have no liability for any damage or loss. 

British Prepper’s content creators are not qualified or trained legally, or associated with any prepping or survival company. The creators also do not possess any medical qualifications. They are not trained or qualified in the field of medicine, but all the research conducted is extracted from trustworthy and accurate sources to the best of our ability. 

The suggestions and advice found on the website of British Prepper are not to be used as an alternative for appropriate medical and legal suggestions. The British Prepper website features the ideas and advice at the sole risk and discretion of the reader. 

All the publishers and authors make no warranty of any type of the website British Prepper in respect to the material of the website. These authors are not responsible or hold any liability to any entity or person for any mistakes or errors present on the website of British Prepper. They are not liable for incidental, special or any consequential loss/damage caused either directly or indirectly due to the information present in the British Prepper site.

It is entirely at your sole risk to use this website and access other information contained in the information pages, articles, and guides. Following all the information within the website is completely at your discretion.

Terms Of Service Changes

The right to modify the terms and conditions of service is reserved by us and can be done at any point in time. Effect of this modification and clarification will occur as soon as they are posted on the website. If we modify the content to these terms and conditions, we will be notifying you that the material is updated. In this way, you know how information is collected, what information is collected, and how we use the information.