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What Is An Alien Invasion?

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An alien invasion in its most basic form is the earth being visited by alien beings which have origins outside of the earth – so are called extra-terrestrials. This may take the form of these beings arriving by some form of spacecraft, usually referred to as a UFO or Unidentified Flying Object. One small spaceship arriving wouldn’t really qualify for an alien invasion, and here we will be talking about an invasion comprised of hundreds of these spaceships with aliens inside.

An alien invasion could take three forms: friendly, hostile or infiltration. A friendly interaction would be the best outcome to hope for, and chances are these beings would give us knowledge of some advanced technology to improve our lives, bringing mankind to a new level of understanding when it comes to the cosmos and allowing for interstellar travel.

A hostile invasion on the other hand would most likely be catastrophic for us. The aliens may have arrived to use their superior technology against us, enslaving the human population, using planet earth for its vast resources or just destroying the earth completely. To them, we could be seen as ants to be exterminated without much trouble, and our weapons would be pretty much useless against them.

An alien invasion involving infiltration is also a prospect, where the aliens visit earth and take the form of humans, perhaps mimicking world leaders to lead humanity down a negative path and starting world wars, or instituting authoritarian control over the populations of the world. This eventuality is highly unlikely and may best be left to the realm of science fiction.

A poll taken of 2,000 UK residents showed that 60% of adults believe an alien invasion in the near future is an inevitability, and 5% have apparently already experienced an encounter with an alien. Another survey conducted in America showed that two in three people believe in intelligent beings of extra-terrestrial origin, and over half believe that UFO sightings are a sign that life exists outside of the earth.

Where Do Aliens Come From?

Put simply, aliens have origins which are outside of the Earth, and most likely would come from planets not too dissimilar to our own. We know that there are supposedly many earth-like planets out there which are in orbits just like our own around a star.

There are special tools astronomers use to detect such planets, and out of the one hundred thousand million stars in the Milky Way galaxy there are an estimated 300 million habitable planets, however some estimates believe there could be as many as 6 billion.

That is just inside one galaxy in the universe, and there are approximately 125 billion galaxies that we’ve discovered so far. If you do the maths on that, the potential for life emerging on a planet other than earth is extremely high.

We are carbon based life forms which need water to survive, and a planet which has water and the right conditions for life to form is more than likely going to be able to support life. In our own solar system we’ve already found multiple places which have water, from the icy moons of Jupiter to water vapour in the upper atmosphere of Neptune. This suggests millions of planets or moons which contain water, and from that life may have emerged, and some to the point where they gained intelligence equal or greater than our own.

Another point of interest to consider are the many similarities between what happens during an apparent abduction by aliens and a demonic possession, such as telepathic communication, a sense of fear or evil washing over the body, body paralysis and memory loss. Scientific papers have even been written about this phenomenon describing what could be aliens referred to in the Bible, however when written from the perspective of a non-believer there would be a certain amount of bias.

From an extreme point of view, if the flat earthers – who hold to the assumption that earth is a closed system surrounded by a firmament dome, there is no vacuum of space, no planets, no galaxies, no satellites and that NASA is actually lying – are to be believed then there isn’t really any case for extra-terrestrials, and any intelligent lifeform claiming to be from another planet

Are Aliens Really Demons?

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There is a belief commonly held amongst conspiracy researchers and Christians that what the world calls aliens are in fact demons. The bible does not speak of aliens and extra-terrestrial life forms, it certainly isn’t mentioned in Genesis when God created everything from the seas and stars to the trees, animals and humans. The bible does however mention that there are created heavenly beings who are angels, and there are different ranks such as cherubim and seraphim.

After Satan fell from grace, the angels who followed him became known as demons. As they appear to have a body in some form, and angels have visited mankind on earth from God, then there is a possibility some of these wicked angels could be masquerading as alien lifeforms, causing lights and craft to be seen in the skies around the world.

In doing so, some Christians believe that Satan and his fallen angels are causing mankind to mistrust God by pushing the theory of evolution as opposed to creation – two separate and distinct origin stories. If aliens were thought to be real, then Christians may lose faith in the creator as they would not be the centre of attention for God as the Bible claims. After all, demons are known to be liars and deceivers who look to twist the truth against the Creator.

Some Christians and conspiracy investigators believe that incidents such as the spacecraft crash which apparently happened at Roswell was a false flag event which caused an increased interest in aliens. There may have been lots of other incidents like this such as the creation of crop circles to bolster the theory that aliens are real.

If aliens did make contact, then its likely many Christians would be speculating whether they were in fact lifeforms from another planet or in fact demons. The Bible tells Christians to know people by their fruit, so if these aliens who came to earth tried to coerce people into taking a course of action which was against scripture, then it’s likely they could in fact be demons. Examples of such would be causing mankind to worship them which is forbidden in scripture, or to act in any way which is considered immoral.

It would make sense in that if demons wished to deceive us and rob us of salvation by Jesus Christ, make us believe that there is no God and that evolution is true, that they would first have to create the belief among humanity that there are millions of habitable planets in the many galaxies from where they could be from.

In addition, conservative evangelical ufologists put forward the argument that UFOs are not only real, but that they are absolutely demonic as-well. Their thinking suggests that UFOs work to convince humans that evolutionary theories are true, resulting in unbiblical practice that they hold up as deeply negative. These beliefs have been developed from the teachings of Jacques Vallee, a secular ufologist who claimed that UFOs are interdimensional rather that being from outer space, leaving conservative evangelical ufologists bringing this information into their religion and their religious practices.

Are Aliens Real?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get at British Prepper is whether aliens are actually real and whether there are reptilian, lizard people ready to invade and change our way of life. Ultimately, while we cannot definitively answer this question, it’s not a theory that is too difficult to believe, with so many sightings and research completed in the UK and other countries across the world as well as the USA Government’s report on extraterrestrial life form.

Survival experts and survival guides have long been interested in the USA Area 51 along with other UFO sightings, leaving many of us unclear on what to expect should Greys ever arrive on earth. However, it’s not just preppers that are convinced that UFOs pose a threat to our existence, many others have also shared information on sightings over the years.

For example, in America, US Naval Pilots have reported more than 100 sightings of UFOs over the last twenty years and while many authority figures try to dispel the concerns that they are real, the fact that they defy all our knowledge of aerodynamics leaves us certain that they really do exist.

The US Government report classified the sightings, which included 51 sightings of short greys, 25 tall greys, 23 tall humanoids that can be linked to abduction categories and more. In fact, the report also explained that there were aliens that looked like mummies, dwarves, reptilians, human assimilations and even non-human cases such as lizard people.

Claudier Covo is renowned for work on alien typology after studying 138 different abductions. The typology confirms additional details about the aliens each abductee encountered, with 67% of the aliens being classified as Alpha aliens who were humanoid and measured between 0.8 and 1.4m in height.

Beta aliens are taller than Alpha and account for 19%, Gamma are taller again and are around 8% of the group, Gamma are animal and robot aliens that count for 3%, Omega are classified as energy and account for 2% and finally, with 1% of the collection are Sigma aliens that are approximately 0.15m in height. This typology not only provides an in-depth look at the alien experiences that have taken place, but also offers UK survival experts and preppers with the information they need to know what to look out for should an alien invasion begin.

Are UFOs Friendly?

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As a prepper based in the UK, your knowledge of UFO life forms may be limited and finding out more about them is vital to ensuring survival during an invasion. If you have been brought up to fear an invasion of lizard people, then now may be a good time to consider the other types of alien life form that may come to earth. Rather than facing a SHTF moment in fear, there is evidence to support that some aliens could be friendly and want to communicate and learn from us.

Firstly, we can assume that any aliens that come to earth in a UFO will already have their own social structure in place, with clear notions of how to live and what they expect from their visit to earth. Interestingly, many UFO experts believe that there is the possibility for friendly-communication and that we shouldn’t rush to panic if UFOs did arrive.

However, it’s also safe to assume that if aliens do arrive, they will have some type of predatory roots within their culture, meaning that we should never be off our guard or too quick to accept them into our world. The reality of a UFO invasion would be to source things such as food or other resources that can be used to support the growth of their kind, rather than wanting to come and help us improve life on earth.

Should you find yourself in the midst of a UFO invasion and come into contact with aliens, it is important not to panic, but to take time to make efforts to communicate and work hard to find out what it is they want. If they are friendly to begin with, you may be able to uncover their mission and use it to help them on their way with minimal damage.

So what does this mean for a prepper in Britain? Being cautious is key! You should have the tools to be able to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones, whilst taking tentative steps towards attempts at communication. You also have to assume that governments and media institutions may not be reliable sources of information, especially if they have been taken over by aliens on their arrival to earth.

What is a UAP?

If you have heard the term UAP, you may be wondering what it is and how it relates to alien life form. UAP stands for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena and has come into use due to a growing demand for up to date and accurate terminology for alien studies. UAP was designed to overtake the term Unidentified Flying Object, and marks a real change in direction for the US and NASA as they work to learn more about these sightings.

UAP is a term that was coined by NASA and is used by them to classify unexplainable sightings that are reported to them. In October 2022, NASA announced that they had decided to dedicate an entire team to investigate sightings of UAPs in a bid to come up with a plan on how to deal with any UAPs that come to earth.The group of professionals that are completing the investigative work includes sixteen expert scientists who will use their knowledge of the planet, technologies, medicine and more to try to explain some of the UAPs that we come into contact with in England and further afield. The main reason for the UAP research group is to keep the skies safe and explain some of the mysteries that people have been reporting for decades. We welcome the introduction and openness of NASA’s efforts and look forward to finding out the results of their investigation when it is complete.

How Would an Alien Invasion Affect the UK?

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Whether you live in a city like London, the countryside of England or one of the other countries that make up the UK, knowing how an alien invasion could impact us is an important part of out survival guide. It’s important to note that an alien invasion would absolutely be classed as a SHTF moment, and is one that would require all your prepping and survival tips to come into action.

However, what affect would it really have? One of the most important things to understand is that England and the wider UK do not have any specific plans on how to cope if aliens were to invade us, meaning that we are already working from a place of vulnerability. One of the most obvious steps that would be taken is blanket Britain-wide instruction to remain inside your home as with any other type of extreme event. As every prepper will know, this instruction does not always mean that the government knows what they are doing, or that the instruction is the best way to proceed. Whether you choose to bug-in or bug-out, it is important to try and maintain a link to broadcasts that share information about what is going on.

After the initial stay-at-home warning has been issued, you can then expect Britain to go into a period of threat assessment and preparations. Officials would probably attempt to communicate with the alternate life form and try to discover their purpose for entering earth’s atmosphere. As we said previously, it’s probable that any type of invasion would be due to an attempt to find new resources and so British citizens would need to be on alert and ready to start prepping in order to avoid offensive moves by the aliens.

Should initial attempts at communication fail, there would be a period of escalation expectation, where further threat assessments and defensive strategies would be put in place. The military would work to decide whether armed forces would be able to defend the country against the aliens or whether surrender tactics would be more fruitful. We would also see a lot of ally action taking place, where other countries would decide whether to support Britain in this SHTF moment or if they would prefer not to be part of any invasion in a bid to keep their citizens safe from threat.

There’s no doubt that all of this would also lead to issues with supply chains and import/export agreements, leaving the country in an emergency situation and having to deploy tactics such as rationing. While the government do not have a specific plan for alien invasion, it would be fair to say that their emergency response plans would come into force.

What Scenarios Could Result in an Alien Invasion?

As a prepper, being ready for a reptilian invasion is one thing, but knowing what may happen to cause aliens to enter out atmosphere is something different altogether! Rather than spending time looking for alien survival tips or finding an alien survival guide, take a look at some of scenarios that would likely result in an alien invasion:

Attracting Alien Attention

The most understandable alien invasion scenario would be simply because the human race had captured the attention of aliens through inadvertent radio communication. We have many different communication tools on earth and have proven our ability to communicate into space already. Should we share these communications with aliens by accident, it would surely lead to an interest in who we are and what we have to offer.

Making Contact Without Caution

Another believable scenario for an alien invasion is where people initiate communication with alien species without taking the time to consider the ramifications. There have been thousands of alien sightings over the years, but if someone managed to reach out to the aliens without any expert knowledge or backup, this could spell disaster for the rest of us.

Aliens Needing Resources

There are scenarios in which the aliens come to us for resources as theirs may be dwindling, causing an invasion of entire alien species. In this instance, if aliens required resources that were integral to human life then this could result in a battle and mass destruction. Should the resources required be surplus to our needs, then there could be the possibility that the invasion could be dealt with diplomatically.

NASA or Other Space Experts Encroaching Where They Shouldn’t

Finally, we could find ourselves in the midst of an alien invasion should NASA or other space agencies launch a mission that encroached on alien locations. This is an ongoing source of concern in the prepper world as the continued efforts to reach further into space means a much greater risk of finding new beings that can threaten our lives.

What Are the First Signs of an Alien Invasion?

If you are new to prepping and want to get ahead of a SHTF event like an alien invasion, it is wise to get an idea of what to expect should an alien invasion happen. The good news is that there are number of simple signs that you can look for, including:

  • UFO Sightings – this can include seeing unidentifiable aircraft that move in strange patterns as well as lights in the sky that cannot be explained by aircraft or drones.
  • Alien Sightings – this can include seeing humanoid-type aliens as well as monstrous and animal-based aliens that do not conform to usual patterns of behaviour or who seem unaccustomed to the way that things are done on earth.
  • Alien Sightings – it may not just the skies that give away an alien invasion, you may see unidentifiable beings on the streets or even notice human-like creatures that do not follow standard human behaviours, giving themselves away as aliens.
  • Problems with Technology – many people believe that aliens are probably very advanced creatures with a range of technological ability. One quick sign that they are passing into the earth’s atmosphere could be a sudden shut down on all items of tech, or technology not behaving the way we would expect it to.
  • Issues with Weather and Power – finally, if you notice that the weather is changing in a strange pattern or there are mass power outages that cannot be explained then it could be a result of aliens interfering with the way the planet is being run, showing you that they have arrived on earth.

How To Prepare for an Alien Invasion

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Even with all the information about potential alien invasion, you will not be ready to face their arrival unless you have fully prepared well in advance. Take a look at everything you need to do to be ready:

  • Be Aware – many people will actively discourage or laugh at the talk of alien invasion, but this should be ignored as you work hard to stay aware of all goings on across the globe. You can keep on top of alien sightings that have been shared online and also speak to others in the prepper community to find out what they know.
  • Think About the Threat – you should also start to think about what an alien invasion could look like and what they would want from the planet should they decide to visit. Take the time to research other alien sightings and find out what technology they have, their behaviour patterns and any other useful information that will allow you to get ready for their arrival.
  • Make Your Own Plan – as a prepper, you will be full of great survival tips but you should take the time to map out a clear plan of attack for you and your loved ones in order to dodge any aliens that come looking for you. Think about communication plans, an agreed emergency response and a location to hide out during the invasion.
  • Get Your Kit Together – it’s no good making a list if you don’t have an emergency kit ready to go. Rations, water, medicines and supplies should all be kept in a go bag so that you don’t waste any time when trying to evade aliens. Remember to rotate your go bag on a regular basis so that everything is well within a useable date.
  • Avoid Communications – once you are in survival mode, you should work hard to avoid any communication channels that could be compromised or accessed by the alien invaders. Instead, agree a different communication strategy with other preppers in order to keep everyone up to date on what is happening.
  • Use What’s Available – remember that if any when aliens make contact, each country will draw up it’s own threat assessment info as well as sharing information on what they know about the aliens. Getting hold of this information will help you to better understand the risk and make plans for survival.

What Can Be Expected to Happen During an Alien Invasion?

This is a complex question and will be dependent on what each country wants to do in order to get the best chance of survival. Some would decide to fight, others would surrender and then there would be countries that would want to watch and wait before making their decision.

Once the initial decisions were made, it is probable that some type of warfare would then happen between aliens and other countries, as everyone works towards achieving victory. Should the fight be stacked agains the planet, most countries would then probably join forces, sharing data, weapons and supplies before making a targetted plan to try and get rid of the invaders.

In big cities, like London, there would be chaos as people struggled to make escapes to quieter areas and there would also be lots of looting of shops to access food and other supplies that individuals may want to get hold of. Plus, when you add in the stay-at-home orders, backed up with military defence, many people will try to slip under the radar, especially if they have left their plans to the last minute and have decided to try and escape.

Other actions would include ongoing instructions issued by the government, including expectations that healthy people will sign up to join with the military forces. In reality, even if the military was able to successfully defend against the invasion, there would be a raft of other outcomes that would threaten a peaceful way of living, such as invasions from one country to another, preying on their vulnerability and a global lack of resources that leaves people unable to feed, clothe or water their family.

Another school of thought suggests that aliens won’t come in droves or launch bloody attacks on mankind, but rather work to destabilise countries in such a way that they end up destroying themselves and leaving aliens in charge. With these countries successfully taken over, aliens would then have a large bargaining chip to use against other countries as they slowly move towards a mass-takeover.

As the alien problem continues, countries would find themselves having to cut off supply routes in a bid to regain control over their own area. This would, in turn, lead to mass public demonstrations, thus weakening the system even further. Finally, countries would be forced to engage with nuclear weapons in a bid to overcome the aliens, with devastating results. All in all, an alien invasion spells a dangerous time for humans and it is vital that you are ready, willing and properly prepared if you want to enjoy the best chances of survival.

What Are the Main Hazards of an Alien Invasion?

Should an alien invasion occur, there are a number of hazards that you will need to be aware of and plan for. One of the most obvious hazards would be the risk of destruction to our buildings and resources, leaving us with no means to care on with life as we know it. This means shops and homes could be destroyed or damaged and technology could fail, leaving us being unable to communicate using traditional methods.

Another significant hazard of an alien invasion would be the number of displaced people trying to seek refuge. Sadly, the reality of the situation would mean that not everyone would be able to survive as people scramble to gather resources and find safe spots. Preppers that are ready for invasion will get a head start on securing safe locations as supplies will already be stockpiled in both bug-in and bug-out locations.

Another potential hazard that is worth considering is living under a new rule. Should aliens invade and take over, they may require humans to follow their instructions, changing the way that we currently live our lives. Falling under the command of aliens would require a lot of learning as well as supporting our children and other loved ones to fall in line too. Even with a friendly-rule, aliens would have a huge impact on they way we live, work and communicate.

Things Not to Do During an Alien Invasion

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In every emergency situation there is always someone that decides to be a maverick and ends up doing the worst possible thing! The problem is, with an alien invasion, that knowing what the right thing is to do will seem impossible. Rather than ending up a victim of the invasion, take a look at the following things that you should not do during an alien invasion, no matter what:

  • Enter into Solo Communication – during an alien invasion it can be tempting to try and communicate with the intruders to find out what they want. However, doing this alone can leave you vulnerable to attack or abduction and should never be completed unless you have the skills and equipment required.
  • Be Out in the Open – when aliens first invade there will be a lot of confusion, fear and panic. By heading out in the open, you will be vulnerable to attack from fellow humans as well as aliens and so it is wise to remain in your chosen shelter/property until things become more clear.
  • Goad the Aliens – defending your home and your family is something that will be at the top of your list, but this doesn’t mean that you should goad aliens into a battle with you. The reality is that they will have superior knowledge and weaponry, leaving you with little defence should they decide to eliminate you.
  • Do Not Panic – as scary as it may be, you should never panic when an alien invasion happens. It is easy to make mistakes or forget information when you are panic stricken, so take the time to compose yourself before deciding the best course of action for your family.

How to Prepare Your Home for an Alien Invasion

While it is entirely up to you whether you bug-out or bug-in during an alien invasion, it is wise to plan and prepare well in advance of the situation. There are a number of things you can do to prepare your home including simple things such as investing in blackout curtains so that you don’t attract interest when your lights go on. You can also use duct tape to secure your curtains to the wall to ensure that no light can escape at all.

You will need to think about how to reinforce your windows and doors so that they are as secure as possible and remember that threats to your life won’t just come from aliens, but also people who have failed to plan and prepare. Take time to check every space you have and work out how best to keep it secure so that no one can gain entry unless invited to.

Another important step is to think about energy sources that do not rely on mains connections as these could be destroyed when aliens arrive. Think about stockpiling batteries and fuel for cooking and washing. You should also choose a communication device that can be used to circumvent channels that may be under alien surveillance.

Another important preparation aspect is thinking about food, water and medication. You can be certain that the arrival of aliens would mean that many people would be desperately trying to get hold of limited supplies. Rather than being one of those people, spend time gathering long life food and water that you can stockpile ready for an invasion. You should also make sure that any medications you need are in date and abundant so that you can stay healthy while adjusting to a new way of living.

Sadly, even the best laid plans can be disrupted and so it is important to also have an evacuation plan in place should you need to leave your home quickly. Think about the best route for your escape and how you can leave your property without being noticed so that you can get to your survival shelter safely.

Essential Prepping Items for an Alien Invasion

With the unknown capabilities of aliens and what may happen when they invade, you may be left wondering what things you will need to gather in order to survive. Rather than trying to guess, we’ve put together a handy list of supplies that you can use to get started:

  • Bottled water
  • Water filtration tablets
  • Long life food
  • Hygiene items
  • Medicines
  • Medical Supplies
  • Important documents
  • Camouflage gear
  • Strong, durable shoes
  • Energy source – generator/portable solar panels
  • Fuel
  • Stove
  • Communication device
  • Clothing
  • Duct tape
  • Maps & compass
  • Protective gear (gas mask, goggles etc)
  • Money
  • Holdalls/rucksacks
  • Tools
  • Weapons
  • Games and entertainment items
  • Tents
  • Blankets
  • Pens and notebooks
  • Pet items
  • Storage containers to hold everything

Top Tips for Surviving an Alien Invasion

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You should now be feeling more confident about what to do and where to go should an alien invasion occur but if you are poking for more information then the following top tips should help you feel even more prepared:

  • Think About Fire – in most information shared about aliens, there is a consensus that they are often flammable. This means it is a good idea to have a fire source to hand during an invasion so that you can use it to protect your loved ones.
  • Try Acid – if the fire tip fails to work, you can also think about dousing aliens in acid to damage them and protect yourself and your loved ones from harm.
  • Use Sound to Scare – remember that even when aliens are stronger than us, they are still entering the unknown when they come to earth. Use this fact to your advantage by blaring different sounds at them and see if it impacts their ability to function long enough for you to escape their clutches.
  • Use Technology Against Them – if you find that you are abducted by aliens or come into contact with their technology then you can try to install a virus in their framework to bring them to their knees. You will need to have knowledge of how to do this or have access to a hacker to help.
  • Think About Their Allergies – it’s claimed that aliens are allergic to magnetite, rendering them useless when they come into contact with it. If possible, think about locating your survival shelter near a magnetite source so that you can ward them off with ease.

Should You Bug Out Or Bug In For An Alien Invasion?

Deciding to bug out or bug in during an alien invasion is a tough decision. On one hand, being at home with the things you know can help to keep tensions to a minimum as you navigate the situation. However, by choosing to bug out, you are able to move away from areas that are densely populated and monitor events from afar before making the best plans for survival.

One of the most important things to remember is that aliens are likely to be far more intelligent than humans and so it is important to try and hide from them rather than hoping to overcome their attack. Successfully hiding will mean that you and your loved ones have a much greater chance of being able to return home and start from scratch once the aliens have left the planet.

By bugging out, you can choose a place to hide that is away from other humans as this will decrease the chance that aliens will find you. In any type of invasion, the enemy is looking to make the most impact and so cities and densely populated areas will the be main focus for their attacks.

If you do choose to bug out then you will need to be aware that you could be sleeping rough or in your survival shelter for some time, and the key to your success will be the amount of prepping and stockpiling you can do before the invasion arrives. You will also need to be realistic in that you may be found by other groups of people looking to escape and as such, you will need to be ready to defend yourself.

Choosing between bugging in or bugging out is wholly dependent on where you currently live, how seculeded and remote you are and how much you can plan in advance. We’d advise that if you live in a busy location, bugging out is the best way forward.

Will Life Return To Normal After An Alien Invasion?

Even with proper SHTF prepper knowledge and excellent survival skills, there is no doubt that an arrival of human hybrids or super soldiers will change the world forever. What’s perhaps more important to consider is whether UK survival prepping will enable us to recover during the aftermath. Taking the time to get well prepared and learn everything you can about different type of invasions will help you to face whatever comes your way. It’s true that there is potential for many different types of abduction and invasion moves, including some that are beneficial, and that the right thing to do is prepare well in advance to give yourself the best chance of survival.

If the SHTF interdimensional moment does arrive like we’ve been told in the films then you should expect a mammoth amount of destruction and desperation, and that’s if we manage to win! With this in mind, you are probably left wondering just where to start, but the answer is simple, use your survival instincts and make a plan. First, you should expect that all of the local infrastructure will have been demolished or at least badly damaged, which will inckude your access to water, communications and energy supplies as well as technological devices that you may have relied upon before.

This means that you will need to start from the beginning, rebuilding as you go to ensure that you, your loved ones and other survivors have a chance to make it through. Building a new community is essential and drawing the skills of everyone together will help you make progress at a faster rate. Survey all the survivors, looking for skilled individuals such as medics, builders and engineers, working to get a full compliment of people that are ready and able to start work.

Next, take the time to assess the area you are currently in for any hazards and decide if it is a suitable place to start again. Once you are sure you are in the best position, work to create a security group that can stand guard and alert the wider group to any potential threats as they arrive. Remember, everyone has something to offer and it is important to take the time to work this out so that no-one is left as a wasted resource.

Once the new setup is underway, it’s important to remember that you need everyone and their skills in order to survive. The stress will be extraordinary and it will be easy to lose your cool, but staying calm and supportive will reap far better rewards than giving into petty arguments and issues

Best Movies About An Alien Invasion

There are many brilliant movies that depict alien invasions, but if you are keen to find the best extraterrestrial plot line then the following five films are a good starting point:

Arrival (2016)

Editor Roundtable: ArrivalThis film is explores what could happen if aliens attempt to make links with us before arriving on earth. It centres around two characters played by Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams and their efforts to communicate with the extraterrestrials that are making contact. The film explores the the pressures and strains of how to handle interdimensional contact so that a two-way understanding can happen in order to avoid mass casualties.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers: Don Siegel's fatalistic masterpiece | Science fiction and fantasy films | The Guardian

this human hybrids classic explains how a possible extraterrestrial takeover may happen long before we become aware. In this film, body snatchers are aliens that use humans as their disguise in order to takeover the world. It’s a clear reminder that people should not be looking for space wars to happen in an obvious way, but rather be aware that other types of alien infiltration are more likely.

Monsters (2010)

Monsters (2010) - IMDb

The film is set six years after an alien infiltration has taken place and infected specific parts of the world. The story explores an incident in which new alien life forms start to show up across most of Mexico, resulting in the global community designating the country as an infected zone and leaving humans desperately scrambling to get to safety. As the plot develops, an American journalists agrees to help a tourist out of the country and back into the USA.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Is Close Encounters of the Third Kind Spielberg's most optimistic film? | BFI

This film explores the determination that a group of people display when trying to communicate with aliens and the impact of their efforts on their lives. It is directed by Steven Spielberg and explores the lengths that people will go to in order to try and disprove extraterrestrial happenings.

War of the Worlds (2005)

War of the Worlds (2005) – Review | Mana Pop

No list of alien themed films would be complete without this movie! The original Orson Welles novel petrified avid listeners back in the 1930s and the modern take depicted in the film was adapted to remain relevant to viewers today. This is another Spielberg classic that goes someway to explaining what we can expect when super soldiers arrive on earth.