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Best One Man Tents

Best One Man Tents

Finding the best solo tents is no easy task as there are so many great brands and styles to choose from, each offering something completely different. Price ranges can vary from tent to tent and depending on how much you plan on spending, this may affect your final decision. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss

Finding the best solo tents is no easy task as there are so many great brands and styles to choose from, each offering something completely different. Price ranges can vary from tent to tent and depending on how much you plan on spending, this may affect your final decision.

In this buying guide, we’ll discuss the best one man tents on the market, from budget options to premium options – and everything in between.

A tent is an incredibly useful piece of equipment, a readymade waterproof shelter. They can be used in almost any outdoors or survival situation to provide you with warmth, shelter and protection from the outside elements which is an essential element survival

They can also act as a base for your camp and can be easily packed up and moved should you need to change locations.

If you enjoy camping on your own or with your dog, or you find yourself in a survival situation by yourself, you’ll want to make sure you have the right one man tent with you.

Things To Consider When Buying A One Man Tent

Packed Size

One of the first things you should take into consideration when purchasing a one man tent is the size that it can be packed away. If you’re on your own, chances are you will want to travel with lots of other survival equipment which can take up a lot of room in your backpack.

The best one man tent for camping is usually the tent which takes up the least space whilst providing the most comfort and utility. An ideal tent should be able to be packed up into a small bundle which won’t take up much room in your bag.

Internal Space

Another thing to consider when looking at the best solo tents is the amount of space inside the tent. If you’re in the wild for long periods of time, you might find yourself spending a lot of time inside your tent, so you may want a bit of extra room to relax and unwind from a long day of hiking, foraging or just surviving.

The ideal internal size of your tent will depend entirely on what you want in a tent. A one man tent can be small and compact should you wish, or alternatively there are medium sized and larger sized one man tents as well.

If you have a bug out bag with a lot of equipment, you can even buy yourself a decent one man tent to sleep in, and another cheap one man tent to have all your belongings in. 

Carrying Weight

The weight of your tent matters. When choosing the best one man tent for hiking, for example, you will want to ensure that the weight of the tent is minimal when you’re carrying it so as it doesn’t slow you down or over encumber you.

You may be carrying a lot of other equipment too which could be bulky and heavy, slowing you down further, so you should always understand how much you can actually carry. A lightweight tent is also ideal if you’re going to be packing up and moving around a lot and setting up camp in different locations.

If you’re planning to stay in one location, weight may not be an important factor for you, especially if you have a vehicle. 

Weather Protection

Probably one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a one man tent is whether or not it will protect you from the elements.

You will of course want to go for something highly waterproof and windproof, but you also want to make sure that the material is good enough that it won’t rip on anything or any zips, seams or Velcro won’t break whilst you’re using it.

Insulation is also important, ideally your tent should stop you from getting blasted by wind, rain, hail and snow all while keeping you warm and cosy. Likewise, if you’re somewhere hot with sun, you will want to ensure your tent offers ample protection from hot sun rays, which can be fatal. 

Top 10 Best One Man Tents


High Route 3000 1P

This lightweight shelter is our top pick as the best one man tent for backpacking and bugging out, offering plenty of headroom and living space in a small one-man style tent. Travel light with a packing weight just under a kilogram and several tent setups.

You receive a complete nylon mesh bug screen, enhanced waterproof materials, a groundsheet, as well as a compartment for your equipment if you pitch it fully. With connection points for extra guy lines, it will withstand heavy winds.

It also packs away into a small stuff sack, which makes it incredibly easy to dismantle.


Copper Spur HV

Many ultralight shelters appear spacious at first, but once you've stuffed all your gear inside, unwrapped your mats and sleeping bag, then crawled in, you can feel a bit claustrophobic. The Copper Spur HV UL was designed expressly to address these issues.

A free-standing, lightweight tent perfect for three out of four seasons of the year.

Boasting lots of living space and a high-quality design, this one man tent is definitely on the premium side. It also has plenty of storage for all your belongings and packs small and neatly away.


Eiger Trekker 

If you’re searching for the best one man tent for wild camping, bugging out or fishing and you’re on a tight budget, you should consider the Eiger Trekker.

An ideal tent for a solo prepper, this one man tent will keep you well protected from the elements with a comfortable groundsheet and flysheet coated in PU.

You can pack this tent away into its very own bag, which is extremely lightweight, making it perfect for taking on the move. It also features a mosquito net to keep any biting bugs out.

Dragonfly 1P Ultralight

The Dragonfly was meticulously developed and constructed for lonesome preppers and survivalists, and it offers a good mix of being lightweight and functionable.

Its lightweight and small pack size make it very easy to take on the road, and its singular hubbed-pole and unsupported structure make pitching quick and simple.

Inside measurements are excellent in terms of height and capacity, so that you and any belongings will have plenty of space. This is perhaps the tent you bring if you're planning on bugging out for long periods of time.

Blackthorn 1 XL

The Blackthorn 1 XL is an ideal tent for someone who prefers something a little more roomier, giving you plenty of space to move around comfortably or for storing a large bug out bag.

Weighing just 1.85kg, the Blackthorn 1 XL won’t over encumber you when you’re in a survival situation, it packs nearly away into a small 40cm x 15cm x 15cm sack. You can pitch this tent easily and in as little as just 5 minutes, ideal if the weather is turning. 

This tent is a perfect choice for solo survivalists, it's completely waterproof and is constructed from fabric that is PU coated.

 Trekking Dome Tent

Expertly designed and meticulously developed in the Alps, the Trekking Dome tent is the perfect 1-man, 3-season self-standing tent. It is super compact and incredibly lightweight, weighing in at only 1.3kg.

This tent has been tested in a wind tunnel and is wind resistant up to 60km/h winds. As well as this, the tent is also completely condensation free and waterproof. This makes the Trekking Dome perfect if you need to bug out in open terrain or harsh weather.

You won't find a more easily transportable and simple to assemble tent for prepping on the market.

Elixir 1 Tent

When trying to find a suitable tent for prepping for just one person, you are quite often limited to small tents with the internal room of a coffin, which isn’t ideal.

But not in the Elixir 1, which has been expertly designed to suit preppers who need to bug out for more than a week no matter the environment.

You can enjoy a spacious interior alongside a sizable porch for stowing away any survival kit you might have with you. This tent is designed to keep you warm and dry whilst being easy to pitch.

Late Start 1P Tent

Ease of use is what this tent is all about. There is nothing worse than after a long day of walking in the wild than to have to pitch a really complex tent. The Late Start makes life easy with self-standing poles, allowing for fast pitching.

Enjoy a roomy one person tent with some leg room to stretch out and enjoy your evening. You can feel comfortable knowing that your tent is completely waterproof and will keep you warm and dry.

Weighing only 1.7kg when packed, you can travel light if you’re on the move.

Snugpak Ionosphere

The Snugpak Ionosphere is both a compact and extremely versatile solution for the solo survivalist. Water resistant and weatherproof, you’ll definitely want to consider this one man tent.

Lightweight and supplied with a repair kit, this is an ideal tent for anyone who might find themselves in a solo survival situation for a long period of time. The Snugpak is easy to assemble and has a removable fly sheet to prevent any bugs from entering.

This tent is very spacious allowing you to stretch out and relax after a long day of hiking ortaking care of survival basics. 

Fly Creek HV

The last one man tent on our list is the Fly Creek HV. An ultralight tent which is extremely simple to pitch and can be assembled in a matter of minutes, making life that little bit easier.

With plenty of headroom and lots of space to stretch out and enjoy your time bugging out or simply camping for a weekend, the Fly Creek HV is a comfortable one man tent designed to keep you warm and dry. It is waterproof and weather resistant and is a great 3-season tent.

This tent is designed to last, is UV resistant and made from incredibly durable fabric.


Is a one man tent good for bugging out?

A one man tent is perfect for bugging out if you’re on your own. Whilst they are not suitable for more than one prepper inside at a time, they are ideal if you find yourself in a solo survival situation and need to move around carrying minimal gear and equipment.

Do I need a groundsheet with a one man tent?

A groundsheet is not generally needed, however having a groundsheet under your tent can provide some extra comfort, warmth and protection from the ground underneath which may be cold and wet. Some one man tents have groundsheets built in or separate, others you may need to purchase separately.

What’s the difference between a one man tent and a bivvy sack?

A bivvy sack is a cheap and lightweight sack which you can zip yourself up in, like an oversized sleeping bag and offers little room to move around or store gear. It is not ideal for bugging out in the UK with. A one man tent is much more suitable, offering more space, room and comfort and much better protection to the elements.

How long do one man tents last?

One man tents can last a lifetime if they are well taken care of and repaired properly should any damage occur. However, some poorer quality one man tents can only last up to a few months or years, especially if you use it for weeks on end. If you want a tent that will last long, you will need to pay a little extra.

Benefits of a one man tent for preppers

A one man tent is lightweight, allowing you to pack up and move around easily and are ideal for solo survival situations. They are generally quite easy to set up in a matter of minutes and offer comfort, warmth and a roof over your head to protect you from the heat, sun, wind and rain. Their small size als



Hopefully this top ten list of the best one man tents will allow you to select a one man tent which is going to offer the most suitability for you when bugging out or just having a solo weekend away.

A one man tent is an essential piece of survival equipment for any prepper as it offers protection from the outside elements. It can act as a base where you can store gear and equipment whilst you search for food or other survival essentials.

Having a one man tent in your survival arsenal ensures that you can quickly pack up and get on the go, allowing you to set up camp just about anywhere. Having a safe place to sleep or relax when out in the wilderness can make all the difference.

Nobody wants to sleep exposed to the outdoors. A quality one man tent might just make the difference between surviving and not surviving, so why take the risk?


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