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Taking care of your finances as a prepper is a smart thing to do, as not only will it help you prep within your means, but it means you can have a degree of financial freedom in a number of SHTF circumstances.

In a situation where there is a financial collapse and your fiat currency becomes basically worthless due to inflation, or your bank account is wiped clean and reset to zero, having some cash on hand is going to give you an initial advantage over those who have relied solely on digital money and online banking.

financial stock market crash economy collapse

Over time, you are also going to need something that holds intrinsic value other than fiat currency like pound sterling or dollars, so in this section we’ll be looking at how to invest your money for the long term by buying items such as gold bars and silver coins.

These items have always held their value through recessions and inflations across thousands of years and many nations, and they’ll likely be used to barter with when money as we know it is no longer viable.

prepper buy silver gold bars online

It’s important to get yourself out of debt if you’re a prepper, as you should be aiming to be as independent as possible. Any kind of debt that you have could be used against you in case of a government takeover or a major change to the financial system, and the last thing you want is to be trapped financially or indebted to the government or debtors.

Break free and get your finances in order now in these calmer times, so if the worst should happen you will have complete financial freedom and not have to worry.

Below are lots of helpful articles related to financial preparedness, such as how to invest in precious metals, and how to prep on a budget.

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