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Why You Should Get Out Of Debt Before SHTF

Why You Should Get Out Of Debt Before SHTF

When SHTF, you’re reliant on your own autonomy and freedom, because others will use anything you owe to their advantage, so you should always aim to get out of debt before SHTF. The term ‘prepper’ tells you everything you need to know – prepare yourself for the worst. That doesn’t just mean stockpiling food and

When SHTF, you’re reliant on your own autonomy and freedom, because others will use anything you owe to their advantage, so you should always aim to get out of debt before SHTF. The term ‘prepper’ tells you everything you need to know – prepare yourself for the worst.

That doesn’t just mean stockpiling food and purchasing survival supplies. It also means you should clear what you owe and get your credit score to where it needs to be.

There may be a new world order in place with an unrecognisable economy, but you can’t prepare for what you don’t know – however, you can prepare for the return of the current state.

We think it’s likely that the current form will be the way the new world eventually operates, as there’s already a structure in place, and it’ll be simpler for governments and companies to practice this method again albeit in a more digitally controlled format.

Consider The Control Factor

When we are in debt to someone, they have a certain amount of control over our lives, and can force us to take steps we don’t necessarily want to in order to pay them back.

If it’s a friend you owe money to then there is some leeway, and they may just politely consider you take on extra shifts at work to pay them back, however if you are in debt to the government due to non-payment of taxes that’s a different story.

Not only can they legally enforce such repayments by docking your pay directly from your employer, but they can even jail you. Being in debt is being in someone’s pocket, and you could end up paying them back in more ways that just financially.

If you don’t keep up your mortgage repayments for example, the bank can take your home off you, and in a crisis you and your family could be homeless, so if you get out of debt before SHTF you will be in a much more secure position. 

In many countries, debtors are thrown into prison, and if an authoritarian takeover of the UK should take place and we’re under martial law, or placed into a hellish social credit score system like China, then your debt will weigh heavily against you.

It may even impact the way you live and prepare for SHFT events, so always try to keep your head above water before SHTF situations so you areas autonomous and self-reliant as possible should the worst happen.

A debt is a tightening noose around your neck that affects you financially and emotionally, so watch what you spend.

Consider The Type Of Disaster

covid coronavirus economic crisis market

From nuclear attacks to asteroids and alien invasions, there’s a huge number of ways the world can find itself in a SHTF scenario.

Just because SHTF, it doesn’t mean you weren’t warned in advance. During the housing crisis of 2008, financial experts predicted a financial collapse. More recently, coronavirus was detected in 2019 – and even in 2022 the repercussions are still being felt across the globe, three years on.

This evidently shows that a disaster isn’t likely to happen immediately, and if there is a serious opportunity for companies to get their money back, it’s likely to happen so they can protect their own backs.

Get your finances in order and get out of debt before SHTF to avoid this, and you can spend your time prepping in different areas, like buying survival equipment and strengthening the survival rate for your physical wellbeing rather than your financial.

Unless the disaster that strikes is one that completely eradicates all data, and obliterates any remains of our current economy, there’s no reason to assume you’ll be able to start afresh.

You’ll still be on databases for both governments and businesses – so whether it’s your mortgage, council tax, or even a payday loan, these aren’t just forgotten.

We’re fortunate to be separated from the rest of the world, as Great Britain is an island which can be incredibly useful in events like international war and infections.

Just because our nation has been struck with disaster, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world will be – and as our modern economy is a globalised one, your information and debts are likely to also be stored abroad, in a location that perhaps isn’t struck by the same disaster as we were.

This also works vice versa – another nation or continent may be experiencing a SHTF situation, but we aren’t, so you should stay on top of it.

Consider The Probability Of Disaster

The unfortunate nature of being a prepper means you’re getting ready in advance, and sometimes, the thing you’re expecting to happen doesn’t.

However, you can take the opportunity of prepping to get your affairs in order for the current world – that way, you’ll have less to worry about when the SHTF. This can be paying off your mortgage, and making sure all legal requirements are covered.

Governments do have classified plans in place for events like asteroids and other disasters, so maybe the effect of the disaster won’t be as large as you’re expecting, and your debt will still be an issue following the repair of the world after a disaster.

Consider Sorting Other Things First

If you’re reading this article, then it’s likely you’re a prepper with this mindset: that you have to choose between paying off your debts, and sorting your survival equipment out.

This simply isn’t true. You can target one at the same time as the other, by reconsidering how you approach the situation.

Put a few quid aside every so often to act as savings for some survival equipment you need, and maybe make some easy life changes, like going to the pub less, eating fewer takeaways, not splurging on that new coat which costs a fortune. Before you know it, you will get out of debt before SHTF and have surplus to buy all the supplies you need, cheap or expensive. 

Why not buy a cheap saw or knife and practice your skills with it in the local woodland making firewood or building a shelter which is a cost-effective way to build your skills while you pay back your debts. 

You’ll feel better for it, and so will your wallet. You can also take the approach of ensuring you do both, but focus on getting your survival equipment first. This of course applies in the hope that the disaster is a long way off, but it’s still a reasonable approach to take.

Consider Who You Owe

As mentioned above, there’s a huge number of people you can borrow from – meaning there’s a huge number of people you can owe. Although there’s strict financial rules and regulations in place, when SHTF, these are going to be less measured, and things could get nasty.

It’s unlikely that official government bodies, like the council, will get violent or make threats over unpaid council tax bills or TV licensing, but that local, shady businesses you went to in a time of need might do.

And if you simply owe a friend a few hundred pounds, a disaster situation may turn them into someone you no longer recognise as they themselves wrestle for survival.

If you show any signs of weakness in your day-to-day, they can also take advantage of this, and guilt trip you into giving away things you already own.

That’s why we think you should clear your finances, and therefore clear your mind of any unnecessary hassle.



It’s apparent that you should get out of debt before SHTF, regardless of who you owe money to. The range of possible SHTF situations that can occur is incredibly wide, and some will result in your debts being wiped, others won’t, and some will even see them being increased.

People also act up in moments of danger, and their actions won’t reflect how they’d respond to the same event in the world we live in today.

However, some do argue that you shouldn’t worry about debt, largely because it’ll seem less important, especially if the banking system has collapsed.

No-one knows this for sure though, so you should at least strive to improve your finances. Like everything in the world of preppers – it’s just in case, so get out of debt before SHTF and put yourself in the best postiion financially for whatever lays ahead. 


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