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  • How To Navigate A River Safely

    How To Navigate A River Safely0

    Whether you’re in a boat, a log raft, or a kayak, learning how to navigate a river could be vital if you need to travel while bugging out. River navigation requires certain boating techniques, though. Depending on the state of the world when SHTF, you may not have any electrical technology or even signage along

  • How To Hike Safely At Night

    How To Hike Safely At Night0

    We don’t know what the future holds, but when SHTF it’s likely our safety will be compromised in one way or another. In this dystopian reality, it may only be safe to move around at night when you’re less likely to be seen by unfriendly individuals. This could be especially true if you’re a prepper

  • How To Cross Rivers & Streams Safely

    How To Cross Rivers & Streams Safely0

    If you decide to, or if you’re forced to, bug out to a wild location in the UK, you may have to stay on the move to avoid potential threats. Sooner or later, you’ll likely have to cross rivers and streams that may end up being very dangerous. You might not think that shallow streams