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Animals can serve multiple purposes when it comes to survival, either as pets or to kept as a source of meat. If you’re setting up a large off grid  homestead, then larger animals such as cows, sheep and pigs will likely be something to consider to provide you with milk, wool and substantial amounts of meat.

Even horses are a key component of many preppers plans who have the land and resources to keep such animals to help them travel long distances or to assist on the homestead.

goats chickens survival raising animals

However, if you plan on a smaller scale set up if you are either bugging in to your own home, or bugging out to another location then smaller animals are going to be more relevant for the average prepper.

Chickens and ducks are easy to look after and can provide both eggs and meat, whereas rabbits can multiply quickly many times a year, and give a reliable ongoing source of protein. Alternatives such as quail and geese may also prove popular.

Goats can give milk frequently and are not too difficult to look after. Other animals such as bees are a great source of sweet honey and can be kept as a hobby before the SHTF, as well as being a food staple afterwards.

woman feeding chickens raising animals

If you have the space, you can also look into raising fish to eat from your own water system or in an outdoor location such as a lake.

Not all animals are meant to be eaten though, and for a prepper having a dog is an essential for protection and guarding as well as being a comfort in distressing times. We’ll also look at some animals in the articles posted here which aren’t so great for SHTF situations and could prove to be a drawback instead of an advantage.

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