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In a survival situation where you have to endure weeks, months or even years without access to the supermarkets and food stores we take for granted today, finding meat for its rich protein and fat has to be at the top of the list along with purifying water and building shelter.

One way meat can be obtained with relatively little effort is by trapping. Trapping for survival as a prepper can be a real life-saver and it allows you to collect meat frequently without having to spend hours hunting or fishing, sometimes with little or no return on either the time and physical investment you expend.

prepper man setting up an animal trap survival

Survival trapping on the other hand allows you to cover a fairly large area with a few well placed traps and snares, and all you have to do is check them daily to see if you’ve caught anything. If not, then simply reset them, or move them to a better location, and visit the next day.

Trapping can include setting bait baskets for fish in a river, strategically placing a looped snare on the ground for rabbits, snap traps nailed to trees to catch curious squirrels, or more ingenious creative methods for capturing larger prey items such as deer.

As with many survival skills, there are currently laws and specific legislation in place governing how, when and where animal trapping can be used in the UK. In the current situation, these seem legitimate to protect wildlife and save animals from unnecessary cruel deaths in many cases.

trap on the ground animal trapping

However, when the SHTF and the rule of law breaks down, knowing these trapping skills can mean the difference between life and death for you and your family, so practicing them now – even if you aren’t allowed to actually catch the prey – will set you in good stead for whatever comes our way down the line.

Here you’ll find a range of articles related to trapping for survival, such as the different kinds of traps and snares preppers can make, how to set them, and what kinds of British animals you can potentially catch in these traps.

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