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  • Top 18 Bug In Mistakes To Avoid

    Top 18 Bug In Mistakes To Avoid0

    During a SHTF crisis there is always a well-intentioned prepper who will make bug in mistakes. Some of those are silly and can be overlooked, but some can be downright dangerous and endanger you or your loved ones. To bug in successfully is to stay indoors to protect your family, the home, and your supplies

  • Top 10 Board Games For Preppers

    Top 10 Board Games For Preppers0

    During troubling times when you are forced to bug in, board games for preppers are a great way to pass the time you suddenly have on your hands when you don’t have to go to work. You never know when disaster will hit, whether that’s a natural disaster, a man-made crisis like nuclear war, or

  • Best Places To Hide Gear In Your Home

    Best Places To Hide Gear In Your Home0

    When hungry mobs of townies roam the streets or martial law police officers are conducting house searches, knowing the best places to hide gear and all of your supplies and food is essential when you’ve decided to bug in. There are some genius locations around your home which are worthy spots to hide valuable items

  • Top Reasons UK Preppers Should Bug In

    Top Reasons UK Preppers Should Bug In0

    When disaster strikes, you’re instantly faced with a difficult decision – whether to bug in or bug out. You can put this to the back of your mind, and brace yourself for the worst, but eventually you are going to have to make your mind up, and head out or stay put. In this post,