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There are many reasons why preppers should be practicing self defence skills for survival, because even though the reasons for a SHTF situation are varied, human reactions will usually be the same.

A once calm and sedated population with their bread and circus will quickly turn violent and angry if there is a sudden, dramatic change to their world leaving them without food and the basic necessities they’ve grown accustomed to.

In the case of a food supply chain issue or civil war when supermarkets are no longer able to competently stock the essentials, or close down altogether, you can guarantee that there will be mobs of hungry people roaming the streets after just a few weeks.

prepper camouflage shotgun and knife

You’ll likely experience frantic people searching house to house for food for themselves and their family because they have failed to prepare in the same way as you have. You can bet that they won’t be politely knocking on the door asking for just a little bit of your food supply.

It is in these scary situations that you need to be able to defend yourself, your family, your friends and act to deter would-be intruders and thieves to secure your assets including your home, your food supplies, your water, your weapons or your garden full of fresh vegetables.

There are a wide range of items you can use in self defence, be it a baseball bat or a sharp object, but not all of them are legal to carry and possess in the UK.

Self defence in our society is governed by a set of laws, and even in these times of peace it is perfectly legitimate to defend yourself if you are in danger of serious bodily harm in a way which is reasonable and proportionate.

prepper with self defence air rifle

If this is the law now, then you can be confident that even if the rule of law has broken down and there are no police to assist you, you are well within your rights to defend yourself, your loved ones and your property in response to others wishing to do you harm or steal from you.

The articles below will tackle the many topics associated with self defence in survival, such as which weapons are legal to use in the UK, which martial art techniques are the most useful, and how to protect your property.

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