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  • Should Preppers Buy Freeze Dried Food?

    Should Preppers Buy Freeze Dried Food?0

    It shouldn’t be news to you that humans need a decent amount of food to survive, and in a SHTF situation, your choice of food is limited, so it’s important to know what to stockpile.  Fresh produce, frozen, canned, dehydrated, freeze dried – different types have different timeframes for freshness and durability, with many like

  • Are MREs Any Good For Preppers?

    Are MREs Any Good For Preppers?0

    When facing a disaster situation, there’s a wealth of food options available to preppers looking to get their sustenance.

  • How To Use Oxygen Absorbers For Storing Food

    How To Use Oxygen Absorbers For Storing Food0

    Oxygen absorbers are one of the most useful tools for a prepper when it comes to food storage, as it helps increase the lifespan of a huge variety of foods, from convenient essentials to tasty treats. You may have already considered alternative approaches to preparing for a disaster, like frozen foods, freeze-dried foods or MREs

  • How To Smoke Meat

    How To Smoke Meat0

    The fact that a SHTF event could very easily happen in the blink of an eye is all too real. Whilst you may have some basic survival skills and be able to forage for food or trap what meat you can, this won’t be much good if you don’t know how to cook it. As

  • How To Properly Store Root Vegetables

    How To Properly Store Root Vegetables2

    Anyone that’s sat down for a Sunday roast with the family knows that root vegetables are cheap, filling, and readily accessible throughout the UK. That’s why they’re excellent for preppers, who have limited space, few sources of food, and need very low-maintenance crops that they can grow themselves. What’s more, the vast majority are winter