Top 10 Board Games For Preppers

Top 10 Board Games For Preppers

During troubling times when you are forced to bug in, board games for preppers are a great way to pass the time you suddenly have on your hands when you don’t have to go to work.

You never know when disaster will hit, whether that’s a natural disaster, a man-made crisis like nuclear war, or an international pandemic, and as a family you can turn to these board games to lighten the mood and keep you all occupied for hours on end.

Whether you want to play a two player, four player, or larger co-operative board game, they can keep you busy for days and are a great bonding experience in normal times too. You should have a small stockpile of games like these in your home tucked away somewhere, and should you find you have to stay indoors for an extended period, board games for preppers and their families like these will stop you from climbing the walls.

Board games usually require skill and strategy and there are endless choices out there whether you want crime games or epic space battles.

So let’s take a look at the 10 top board games for preppers bugging in, and some entertainment games for bugging out too!

1. Monopoly

monopoly board game close up

Everybody loves Monopoly as the rules are easy to understand for even the youngest of players in the family. You can choose your own metal pieces and move around the board multiple times for hours on end to see who can amass the most money. This is an ideal game to play for those competitive family members, but probably not the game you want to be playing if you’re bugging in due to a financial collapse of the international banking system!

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2. Pandemic

An excellent quality game that’s appropriate at for our current times. You can play it with two or four players, attempting to rid the world of multiple diseases to win the game. Small, coloured cubes mark each disease that has affected international cities, and playing roles like scientist or researcher, you all have to find cures. It’s a compelling and challenging family-friendly game and you will all win, or all lose.

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3. Gloomhaven

Come together to win and defeat. This is an epic board game based on fantasy and a little like Dungeons and Dragons. You will battle monsters, win treasure, and each player will have to use a range of strategies and tactics, travelling through story-driven missions for a great experience. If you are a prepper and have to isolate yourself, this game will keep you going and make the situation a whole lot more light-hearted.

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4. Spirit Island

This co-operative player is a top board game for preppers to have indoors tucked away, and it will also be a great experience with friends or older family members. It reflects the game Pandemic, in a way, where innovative and carefully considered strategy is needed until the end point. Each team player works with the rest but it’s rather a difficult game which may take a few plays to grasp. Try unleashing your spirit to phase out humans trying to ravage any land that is left.

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5. Scrabble

shtf scrabble letters

Whether you are stuck with the Q and no spare U on the board anywhere, or have five Es on your rack and there’s no letters left in the bag, Scrabble is a challenging and fun game of word play. Scrabble games can last a fair while as players need thinking time to process their next move, and the game is so simple that anyone can play provided they know how to spell. You can make it more fun by adding prizes for the best word, or most points scored on a single word.

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6. Stuffed Fables

As a prepper with a young family, Stuffed Fables is exciting although it still needs focus and skill. Don’t be fooled though, even though this game is aimed at a young audience it isn’t as simplistic as you think. It’s an adventure through a book rather than a traditional board game and the younger generation will find this game magical. This is a great way to keep every member of the family busy and it can be played multiple times with different outcomes.

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7. Detective

As a co-op board game you need to put your heads and minds together as a team to solve modern crimes, much in the same way as a police detective does! With each one of five cases in the game there are a number of challenges. Share clues, evidence and notes to help unravel each mystery. A great game to while the time away when you’re staying indoors.

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8. Game of Life

game of life board game

A classic board game where you can make the most of life when the real world around you is crumbling. Attend beauty pageants and win big, start a family and get a car full of kids or simply aim to get to the little cottage at the end to live out your life in peace. The fun wheel-spinning element to this game will capture the attention of kids, and it can go on for a few hours and not get boring as you’re constantly finding something to be engaged in.

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9. Gnomes at Night

This game is superb for the whole family and will keep the children entertained for a long enough time for them to focus on something fun whilst indoors. Survival of the gnomes means that they have to find their way through the maze, collect treasures, and return to the Queen unharmed. It’s a vertical cooperative game board, timed, and if you have more than two players then you can split into teams of up to two. Gnomes at Night is a fun game of excitement and focus.

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10. Trivial Pursuit

Take a break from all the brain-boggling strategy type games and rack your brains another way with Trivial Pursuit’s thousands of questions. The Family Edition of this popular game has questions for all members of the family and covers areas like geography, sports and science. The ultimate goal is to win all of the wedges from each of the main categories. A game with lots of laughter and can be played as an individual or as a team. 

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Make memories with family and friends during the worst of times with this selection of board games for preppers that should provide you with endless ideas on which ones to stock up on should the worst happen.

Even if a disaster doesn’t occur, your board games will be there to pick up and play on a wet, grey and windy day. Key to survival doesn’t always mean disaster, it can mean surviving a day in with friends and family whilst having fun.

If you’re bugging out then you probably don’t have space for a huge board game with game cards that are probably going to end up as tinder for your survival fire.

You can always opt for a range of small magnetic board games that you will often see in airports for travelling, and you can pack those instead instead your bug out bag, playing everything from chess and draughts to ludo and snakes and ladders.

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