News Roundup 03/04/22

News Roundup 03/04/22

More Pandemics To Come?

It seems pandemic-like viruses are spreading thick and fast these days, and the trend continues with bird flu, AKA H5N1, spreading across America. The virus has been found in over 15 states, and is the worst outbreak of the virus for 7 years, when 50 million birds were culled in 2015. The WHO has also declared that an insect-borne virus could be just around the corner. The arbovirus as it is known would have the potential to infect millions as insect lives and breeding habits are incredibly short, meaning a pathogen from fleas or ticks or others in this family of creatures could spread quickly.

Prepper POV: As we’ve learned from coronavirus, a virus can quickly get out of hand and spread among the general population, infecting the farthest reaches of our planet. As preppers we need to ensure that we have the right bug in plan and correct hygiene practices in place to avoid contact with others should the next pandemic be much worse than any we’ve experienced before.

Metaverse Mayhem

A new report has shown that approximately 5 billion people could potentially end up living mainly in the metaverse created by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in just 8 years time, by 2030. The metaverse is full of promise when it comes to entertainment and business, with digital currency, NFTs and the ownership of assets you can’t touch,but is predicted to be worth trillions. We’ve already seen how absorbed people become with their smartphones and the internet, but imagine how much worse it would be if people actually wanted to dedicate a large part of their lives to a virtual world instead of participating in reality.

Prepper POV: Electricity has brought us many marvellous inventions that help us to save time and energy, however these things should be used as our tool to help us control the world, not the other way round. It’s clear that the future is digital, and while millions of people around the globe will embrace it in an even more interlinked way over the next decade, preppers should seek to disconnect as much as possible and enjoy the simpler things in life like growing food and discovering nature.

Cost Of Living

It wouldn’t be so bad if wages were rising in line with the rising prices we see around us, but they simply are not. This month the UK has seen the cap on energy prices lifted, so gas and electric costs are set to spiral for the average household. Whereas before the choice for many people was between heating and eating, now it’s increasingly looking like neither one of those options will be possible due to the current price hikes. Food prices in supermarkets are climbing too, and with already 2000 food banks in the country, the doubling or tripling of energy bills is set to push more people than ever in the UK to the brink of poverty.

Prepper POV: What can we really expect when we’ve put all of our eggs in one basket for our energy needs. Those with alternative power sources like wood burning fires and wind turbines aren’t going to feel the pinch of energy price hikes as much as the rest of us. Those who grow their own food and just use the supermarket to supplement their crop are saving themselves thousands of pounds every year. The bottom line is that if you’re plugged into the system with everything you have, then those who control the system thereby control you.

Solar Flare Activity

There has been a marked increase in solar activity this week, with multiple separate events taking place. Solar flares differ from coronal mass ejections in that they are smaller and less powerful, however they still have the potential to knock out radio systems wherever they hit. Auroras in the northern hemisphere have been notably stronger over the past week, and there’s even the possibility the Northern Lights will be seen as far south as Edinburgh.

Prepper POV: As we’ve seen this week, solar flares have the ability to disrupt radio communication here on earth due to the charged particles they emit which interfere with signals. Thankfully this is only short-lived and communications are restored after a few hours, however preppers should also think about ways to communicate with their loved ones if phone and radio signals have been taken out by a CME, EMP or other mass event.

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