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Do Preppers Need A Satellite Phone?

Do Preppers Need A Satellite Phone?

Satellite phones have evolved into small devices almost the same size as a regular mobile phone, but offer so much more in terms of usability in a survival setting. Preppers would be worthwhile researching now to find the best satellite GPS for them, and this article will help you do that by looking at the

Satellite phones have evolved into small devices almost the same size as a regular mobile phone, but offer so much more in terms of usability in a survival setting.

Preppers would be worthwhile researching now to find the best satellite GPS for them, and this article will help you do that by looking at the benefits of satellite phones for preppers, how expensive both the handset and usage is and the top brands of satellite phone available in the UK.

Benefits Of A Satellite Phones For Preppers When SHTF

This essential tool for preppers is useful for a number of reasons, especially in the kind of emergency situations that may make an appear in a survival setting. The reasons for this include:

No need for phone service – satellite phones do not rely on the same phone service as mobile phones. This means that if the mobile phone network has been compromised then you still have a way to communicate.

Mobile phone networks busy during a disaster – when an emergency disaster does take place, huge volumes of people will try to use their mobile phones. This will cause the network to be overloaded, and so difficult to get through to anyone.

man on mountain using satellite phone

As satellite phones don’t use this, they will be able to get through to someone else with ease. They also have the following benefits:

  • Easy access to the internet, as well as making calls and sending text messages.
  • Easy to contact the emergency services.
  • Can contact anyone else with a satellite phone so may be worth ensuring your family has more than one.
  • Global coverage, particularly with brands like Iridium.
  • Easy to use, no complicated features. 
  • Can be charged using solar power, so no need to worry about charging and finding an energy source.

As you can see from the list above, satellite phones can be a vital asset to preppers in the UK, as well as globally, in any type of survival setting. Unfortunately, the biggest downside to satellite phones for preppers on a budget is that they can be quite pricey. 

The rest of this article will aim to answer some common questions about satellite phones to help you fully prepare and acquire one, if you choose to.

How Do They Work?

Satellite phones work by cleverly transmitting radio signals to a satellite orbiting the planet. From here, the signal will be sent between satellites so that it is closer to the target location.

This satellite then sends the signal back down to Earth, for it to then be turned into a phone call via a station through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

The same happens for both voice calls and Internet access, making it a very versatile and reliable method of communication for preppers in a survival setting.

Being able to operate in this way is why they can be used in not only Britain, but across the world, including remote areas where a regular mobile phone signal may not be possible.

Do They Need A Data Plan?

It is worth remembering that the reliability of a satellite phone and its ability to offer a certain level of coverage is down to the network that it operates on.

Network provides can offer different packages of minutes and text messages depending on your needs. As with the satellite phones themselves, these do vary and can be quite expensive.

They are based on the Iridium dial up data collection and the rates are typically based on US dollars, and can begin at around £25 per month to over £100 per month.

Despite this, they can be used and paid for within the United Kingdom to then be used worldwide, if your device permits this.

As well as this, you can also purchase pre-paid data cards. Rather than a pay monthly fee, there is an upfront cost for a particular number of call minutes and SMS text messages.

This may be a better option if you do no plan to use the device regularly (such as a monthly contract would suggest) but want to ensure you can use it when required.

These do eventually expire, but depending on the type you select can last up to one year.

Are Satellite Phones Legal In The UK?

Although satellite phones for preppers are regarded as a valuable asset, and are legal to use in the majority of countries including the UK, there are parts of the world where they are actually restricted items. Satellite phones are illegal in many countries including China, Russia and India.

The reason for this is usually due to terror related threats. Some militants have been known to use satellite phones in these areas to plan attacks, and so the countries prohibit use, unless authorised.

If you are someone who likes to travel, it is worth considering this before deciding if a satellite phone is a good option for you. However, if you are a prepper who is taking precautions for change to survival based setting the UK, then a satellite phone for preppers bugging out is a perfectly legal and valuable tool.

What Are The Top Satellite Phone Brands?

person using a satellitel phone outside for survival

Although there are multiple satellite phone brands available, the three major brands that are available in the UK are Iridium, IsatPhone, and Thursaya.

Iridium is the worldwide leading satellite phone brand. These tend to the most expensive option but boast features such as true global coverage. They are also designed to be physically quite robust and can be used in areas where signal is weak, such as in the mountains.

IsatPhone are less expensive than Iridium but offer some similar features. They also have a good level of global coverage and can be used as an emergency source of communication in mountain-based areas.

Finally, Thursaya satellite phones are the cheapest of the three brands. They are good for those on a budget, but do not have the same global coverage that the other two brands are able to provide you with, but not an issue if you only plan on using it in the UK. 

The brand that preppers go for will depend on both their budget and their needs. However, if you can stretch, the Iridium models offer reliability as well as global usability, both of which are valuable features in survival settings.



To conclude, although satellite phones can be expensive to purchase and to use, and are not allowed in all countries, but they are a valuable tool for all British preppers who want to be equipped for any eventuality. 

They offer a real lifeline, and make it possible to communicate effectively when an emergency situation emerges, making them an essential survival tool.


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