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  • How To Stay Cool In Warm Weather

    How To Stay Cool In Warm Weather0

    Britain isn’t known for its hot weather, even in summer, however us Brits know that the sun can shine here when it wants to, and it can get pretty hot, reaching 38 degrees in the past couple of years. While warm weather is a pleasure, and a stunning tan is desirable, it is vital to

  • How To Deal With Major Medical Emergencies

    How To Deal With Major Medical Emergencies0

    As a UK prepper it is important to know how to deal with major medical emergencies whether you’re bugging in or out. Should you or someone else in your party have an accident or suffer from a medical condition that could have serious consequences, it will give you a peace of mind knowing you’re equipped

  • Top 18 Bug In Mistakes To Avoid

    Top 18 Bug In Mistakes To Avoid0

    During a SHTF crisis there is always a well-intentioned prepper who will make bug in mistakes. Some of those are silly and can be overlooked, but some can be downright dangerous and endanger you or your loved ones. To bug in successfully is to stay indoors to protect your family, the home, and your supplies

  • How To Forage In The Countryside

    How To Forage In The Countryside0

    When hard times come our way or we would simply like a more sustainable and free way to find food then foraging is a great idea – that is, if you know where to look. It also gives us more time in a natural environment and the whole family can get involved too. The UK

  • Weekly News Roundup 13/3/22

    Weekly News Roundup 13/3/220

    Inflation Rises Prices of everyday goods are set to rise again this month, after already seeing a 1.8% rise in February. Poor global harvests have driven the price of fresh goods up the most, however inflation from non-food products too hit 1.3% – the highest since 2011. This, coupled with the energy rates going up

  • Top 10 Board Games For Preppers

    Top 10 Board Games For Preppers0

    During troubling times when you are forced to bug in, board games for preppers are a great way to pass the time you suddenly have on your hands when you don’t have to go to work. You never know when disaster will hit, whether that’s a natural disaster, a man-made crisis like nuclear war, or

  • Best Places To Hide Gear In Your Home

    Best Places To Hide Gear In Your Home0

    When hungry mobs of townies roam the streets or martial law police officers are conducting house searches, knowing the best places to hide gear and all of your supplies and food is essential when you’ve decided to bug in. There are some genius locations around your home which are worthy spots to hide valuable items

  • How To Forage In The Woods and Forests

    How To Forage In The Woods and Forests1

    Foraging is a great way to obtain nutritious and healthy foods like fruit, plants and herbs that can be used to make entire meals or simply to add taste. There is nothing fresher than picking your own and the benefits aren’t only the food – it’s getting out in the fresh air, seeing wildlife that

  • 55 Survival Uses For Paracord

    55 Survival Uses For Paracord0

    Paracord is a general-purpose rope type material that can be used for a variety of tasks. Although the types of paracord vary, they are all very strong and durable, and even used by the military for a range of tasks. In this article we look at over 50 different ways in which preppers can make